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Patch 1.0.026

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Dear players!

The game client has been updated to version 1.0.026


Giant Tortolla and Beastbane have been changed.

Giant Tortolla prefers to stay in specially marked place. If enemy lures her out of this place she becomes enraged and warns of danger in the chat or with special buff. She casts her skills less frequently and her spheres move more slowly.
Enrage: Giant Tortolla grows in size, movement and attack speed increase.

Beastbane's enrage has been reworked: it is clearly seen, it does not heal the boss and does not reduce damage dealt to him. Natural Selection skill does not ignore defense anymore. The skill deals prolonged damage. Damage itself is the worse the farther is enemy and restores Beastbane's health. Natural Selection debuff cam be removed now.
Beastbane changes his target less frequently and mostly after Jogging. Spores don't slow enemies movement anymore.
If Beastbane won't be killed in 20 minutes he becomes enraged and kills all enemies.

Those and other bosses are still closely watched in order to prove effectiveness of these features and implement other changes when needed.

Gameplay changes:

Following items, skills and expendables can be used in the movement now:

• Totems
• Grass Chewing Gum
• Troll's Potion
• Guard's Emblem
• Warlord's Honorary Badge
• Cancel Transformation of Guard's Form
• Mirror Ball
• Walking Tour
• Aiming
• Regeneration
• Shield of Blood
• Circle of Time
• Hunter's Whistle
• Seal: Guardian Angel
• Inspiration
• Holy Touch
• Aura's Light
• Storm Cloud
• Sabotage
• Fury Rush
• Force Field
• Healing Charge
• Nosferatu Seal
• Aura's Shield
• Detoxication
• Sip of Booze
• Obsession

Check full list of changes, fixes and implements at our forums: https://us.royalquest.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1841-patch-10026/

Have a nice game:)
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