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Path to the Top: Class Guides Competition

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
His Royal Majesty King Roland and Maximus Legendary General call to service the most experienced, the most skilled heroes.

As you are no doubt aware, many substantial changes hit recently the Aura's world and a considerable part of these changes affected game classes, their skills and talents. Battle lore obtained during earlier days of Open Beta Age went out of date. Amount of new knowledge requires new guides designed to show young warriors better ways to success and glory.

Elenia needs your help veterans of Aura! Share your skill and wisdom with younger combatants and lead them to the top of mastery.

Those who prove themselves in the best possible way will be named Royal Advisors and generously rewarded.
And so King Roland announces Class Guides Competition!

We ask you to create class guides – for any class or profession you know better and consider yourselves experienced at.

You have one month starting from January 11 2016 thru February 11 2016 to prepare and adapt all needed information and images to illustrate your points. Your guide can be general review of a chosen class, can present PVP or PVE aspect of its gameplay.

Each of up to four winners will receive:

- Royal Blessing x30;

- Crystal Key x3;
- Unique decoration Experienced Adventurer ;

- Title of Royal Advisor at Forum.

All participants (with guides meeting the competition's terms) will receive:

- Iron Key x3

Look for details and the competition terms at our forum: https://us.royalquest.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1554-path-to-the-top-class-guides-competition/

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