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Guide-How to leve fast?

nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
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This is a guide for faster leveling.
A lot of people have been asking me what is the way of fast lvling so I decided to tell it here.
Of course you can go look for some place to poss like interglade, dream lost world, future's finale, future's end… But here are some dailies that you can do for faster leveling:

1. Threat of Pokari
It's Pie
2. Grand Ceremony
3. Virtue of Patience
4. A Path to Wisdom
5. Interglade: Bug Blight
6. Malware cavern

-Threat of Pokari

Npc: Ziola
Once you take quest you have to go to west market in pokari (it will lead you the way where to go). And when you're there you'll have to pick up dangerous item which is hidden in those corners, there are few of them and you can pick up only one. So you'll have to find the right one which you can take.
And then go back to Ziola and you get your exp.

-It's Pie
Npc: Ziola
This quest is pretty easy, all you need is patience. First you gotta wait 2 hours so it finishes and once it's done you gotta visit few npcs: 1. Engineer's Wife 2. General Schruffins 3. Scholar Loskit 4. Guard Lon 5. Mapkeeper Ming
On each npc you have a chance of getting Taisung's Chest (lucky box which gives prizes) but only and mapkeeper you have a chance of getting Tokens (which gives you exp), Godly Ethrelics and Dragon Apothegm I.

-Grand Ceremony

Npc: General Uree
This is also easy quest, you just have to come over to few npc and once you're done you go back to Uree and finish quest and get exp.

-Virtue of Patience
Npc: General Zurin
You do mostly nothing here, you just take quest and wait for 1 hour for it to finish. Once it's done you'll get some exp, you can also get 25 tokens + some extra exp which depends on your lvl. If you didn't get those 25 tokens, and you want it, you can do that quest, if you didn't finish it, over and over untill you get.

-A Path to Wisdom
Npc: Wehn
In this quest you have to collect 8x wisdoms and a way to collect it is to run to some npc.
Once you take this quest you have to click on Wehn again and take it again so he tells you where to go.
Npc you can go to: Mapkeeper Ming, Elsa, Veteran, Carp,
Foreign Monk and Pumpkin Farmer.
They can give 1-3 wisdoms so you have to repeat quest until you get 8x of it.

-Interglade: Bug Blight

Npc: Interglade Cursor
For lvl 100+
You can do this quest 10 times a day, and in each one you get more and more exp. In the end you get Framework Flower which is used for a boss in malware (I will explain what this).
So int his quest you'll need some items to finish it like: Ferus/Aquan/Pyros/Flora/Terra Dusts, Iron Ore Dust, Common Jade of Fog, Supplies Coupon, HP pots lvl 75, Source Tree Leafnodes.

-Malware Cavern

Npc: Interglade Cursor
For lvl 100+
This is a dungeon where you get most of exp. You will need to trade 50x Source Tree Leafnodes for each map, you can get 3 maps. You enter this dungeon at same npc where you get maps.
Inside you have mobs which you have to kill and you better have like 3000 defense or they will kill you. If you can't do it alone you can ask someone to help you, more than 1 can enter it but bad thing about this is that you have to share exp with a person you enter it with (if you're in party of course) and dropped items.
So if you have that Framework Flower you'll see statues in it which are activated by that flower, that statue is a boss and it will take longer to kill him but he gives a lot of exp. Once you kill boss you will get Interglade Worm (lucky box).







So this is all from my guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :D

Server: AR
Char: BlueRogue~
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