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ESO Wiki still down?

mothimas1mothimas1 Posts: 2 Arc User
edited August 2015 in General Discussion
About two years ago I was working on updating the wiki. This included updating aspects that changed since the Odyssey expansion (Pet page), re-creating lore on some monsters, and fixing pages that lacked information by either adding information or a picture of proof. When the images around the website began breaking everywhere, I was in the middle of replacing them with working pictures of my own.

However, the last I updated the wiki was when maintenance on it occurred and when it was finished, it was no longer touchable, notably because I couldn't log in.

Two years of classes later I came back just to see if the wiki can be edited, but it seems like that is still not the case.
With the recent addition of a new dungeon and grinding zone, I wanted to see if I could update the wiki once again.

Anyone know when we can log back on to make the changes?
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  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    That was on my list demands. wamelon said he would try to get someone to fix it.

    I believe the problem is that the wiki is login-linked to the old "PWE Core" system, which ceased to exist about the same time. They will have to remove the login-link or tie it in with the new Arc system.

    The issue is known, and all we can do is hope for the best. If all else fails, there is nothing stopping us from making a replacement wiki.
  • jeesbyjeesby Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    If things come to the worse, we could use software like HTTrack Website Copier and just recreate the site internally. then hosting it on some cloud for people to download. "If things came to the worst" but better safe than sorry. It would be nice if a computer wizz could handle it please :)
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