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Maintenance Threads

SnowChildSnowChild Posts: 17 Arc User
edited July 2015 in General Discussion
We had none since the entire forum migration started.

SnowChild [Lvl. 40 - 35 Sorcerer / 5 Cleric]-[Full Rena set(+5) + Teneth Staff(+6)]-[Halloween Costume + full Obsidian's of Intelligence +2]
IcyRose [Lvl.40 Support Cleric]-[Full Rena set + Teneth Staff + Teneth One Hand Mace]
SnowDust [Lvl. 40 PVE Defender]-[Full Rena set + Teneth Sword]
MistySnow [ Lvl.40 PVE Berserker]-[Full Rena set + Teneth Great Sword]
QueenSnow [Lvl. 27 PVE Assassin]
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  • jacktehr1pp3rjacktehr1pp3r Posts: 28 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Maiet's website if gone for good; not a single update in ages; brunes has been broken since forever; dead servers are still up; hacking is rampant; the data base containing classes, glows and builds that was suppose to be migrated as promised and advertised is gone with no hopes of ever coming back; no gm or anyone from PWE addressing us; no maintenance threads; and simply no initiative from anyone to save whatever's left of this game.
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