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kingmadockingmadoc Posts: 13 Arc User
Hey there RaiderZ players

id like to ask the crowd about your experiences with Game overlays. how well they work for you. how easy hey are to use. how functional the utilities are. issues they may cause. your personal experience using different kinds. customization etc etc.
i'm asking openly for your opinions and experiences so please don't hold back. but this is not an invitation for you to argue which is king among all. everyone should be allowed to decide for themselves from the info you share.
list some Pros and some Cons you've had.
don't hold back on criticism or compliments.

the reason i wish to ask you all.
is because i'm looking for a game overlay that allows me the most freedom to easily include external programs or to access data and spreads which normally i would need to tab out of game to use.
since tabbing in and out as much as i need to is very taxing on my computer's RAM.

Thankyou all for sharing. i look forward to reading your replies.


  • justawitnessjustawitness Posts: 84 Arc User
    Never use em, never like em, never will use em.
    I just play window fullscreen so tabbing out is really easy. And if it's something I need up all the time I have two other screens to put it on.

    Face piles of trials with smiles.
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