Fungus Drops

codemenma Posts: 3 Arc User
Me and a friend took on fungus somewhere between 10-20 times yesterday, and despite being a 50% chance, neither Fungal Core, nor Fungal Resin dropped. NOT EVEN 1. Honestly What the f.
Im currently chilling with level 22 gear simply because the same thing happened with Yillis.
And god help me having to farm 240gp just to get 8 Fungal Resins.
Glitch? Or just bs drop rates?

Also, on a mild tangent, Im level 31, do i need to be level 32 to get quests past "Noise in the Sky"
It seems that the information on other sites is YET AGAIN wrong, as i was able to take AND complete this quest at level 31.
Not a glitch either, as my friend at LEVEL 28 HAS THE QUEST!
Also, the quest no longer requires versing chimera?

Another side note. I have finished the Yillis harp quest (name evades me), and no quests for the musicians. I have checked back at night, but only person there is Heaven.

Sorry for my ignorance. However apart from the constant lag spikes, constant dc'ing and level grinding for 1 quest (looking at you Makot Village), I have bared through everything. But this quest problem, and loot drop rate is ridiculous.