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  • patrickngo
    Got a partial ban for being too mean to the game devs, but this seems to work, and I wanted to respond to your reply.

    'Being a woman' is not a struggle, unless you're in a society that actively encourages abuse of women (a good portion of the earth, particularly the middle east, africa and asia qualify in the present, not so much in Western culture since the sixties). so it doesn't count. Further, by 'struggles' I mean, did she have any bad habits, mental or physical deficiencies, moral deficiencies, disabilities or was she ever in actual danger? Did or do the bad-guys ever actually pose a threat to her? to those she personally cares about? did she face any actual moral challenges?

    you know, all that basic stuff that defines "Heroic" versus "walk in the park"? Even Superman faces things that can either kill him, or test his moral character (or both). If the only challenge is 'remembering how powerful you really are' then there's a basic failure here. so did she?
    March 21
    • jonsills
      Well, since you're probably not going to watch the movie and thus don't mind spoilers, she was frequently in mortal danger - and even more so were Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica, after "Vers" (the only name the Kree let her know she had) made her way back to Earth. Start off with the fact that the Skrulls had extracted from her mind the location of the planet where "Wendy Lawson", aka the Kree scientist Mar-Vell (yes, the mythos of Earth-199999 differs from that of Earth-616 rather a lot), and arrived here at the same time, as she managed to escape their custody just as the ship reached Earth (she stole a landing craft, as she couldn't fly yet). There's a nice bit where the Skrull leader convinces her to sit down and talk - because while she, Maria, and Fury are in the room with him, outside they can see "Maria" with Monica.

      You're obviously being willfully blind to what it means to be a woman even in today's society, much less in that of the 1980s, when she was a fighter test pilot - that's where she and Maria first bonded, over the treatment they received at the hands of the fighter jocks. (Some of that is part of the montage the Supreme Intelligence keeps her in line with, by reminding her of all of her failures. It suppresses the memories of what she did after, which is rather reminiscent of how Steve Rogers was selected for the Super-Soldier Program in his movie - that is, refused to give up just because she was in pain and being mocked mercilessly by her male colleagues. It's only after Maria and (especially) Monica help her remember her past that she's able to defeat the Intelligence's mental influence and learn what the Tesseract enabled her to do.)

      (Oh, BTW, that's how she was empowered here - Mar-Vell had developed a "lightspeed engine", which apparently would enable interstellar travel without all that tedious mucking about with gateways, and which she wanted to keep from the Kree military because, as established in [i]Agents of SHIELD[/i], the Kree in this universe are even more unpleasantly fascistic than in Earth-616. It was powered by the Tesseract, aka the Space Stone of Infinity Stone fame, and Mar-Vell wanted the engine core destroyed before the Kree that shot down the test craft, piloted by Capt. Danvers, could grab it. The subsequent explosion bathed Carol in the Stone's energies, granting her massive superhuman power, and the Kree kept her memories suppressed so they could use her in their elite StarForce as a weapon. Her superior also did so by insisting that she had to impress him by defeating him in hand-to-hand combat without her powers, which of course was impossible because infusing Kree blood into a human, as they did, grants incredible endurance and can prevent death under certain circumstances, but it doesn't make a human as strong as a Kree. She was unable to tap into her full potential until she came to the realization that she didn't have to prove anything to him.)

      (Another aside - watch these parentheses. Once you develop the habit, it's hard to bracket.)