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baddmoonrizin Community Moderator


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  • lordbeefy7
    I don't see the need to close my thread when I was trying to communicate a valid point, I wasn't complaining about the sale I was saying it is too short and loses potential cash. I don't understand why this is viewed as forbidden? Im not aware of any rules I am breaking? There was nothing inappropriate in terms of language or attack on any person nor did I attack the makers? I understand the need for moderation, I do not understand the need for censorship.
    January 2
  • cristonic2
    OK, what did I write that caused you such distress. I don't mind being corrected, but I would like to know what I wrote to offend Cryptic so badly.
    January 1
  • ihatepwe735
    Will you please stop closing my threads.
    Its annoying and unwarranted.
    December 2018
  • ssbn655
    Hey I need help big time! One of my toons "Spider" is in the Bajor system. That is not the issue the issue is every time I try and launch that character five times running now the game crashes. ASFIK this is the only one of my characters that I cannot access.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can render or getting a Dev. to address this. I have submitted crash reports every time by the way. I have gotten no reply to date on them.
    December 2018
    • baddmoonrizin
      Ok, I'm going to need you to respond in the email thread that we already have going and provide the error and report numbers. Also, have you provided your computer specs yet?
  • ssbn655
    Well add another one of my characters stuck in hell. Ququed my REman character for Elachi event game crashed error message was nearly identical to the one my two characters have gotton that we have been discussing. I am seriously thinking of not playing any of my other characters now. Even the three I have been doing the Winter event with.
    December 2018
  • quickdraw74
    What I meant to say is, I should be able to give it anywhere in the game. Sector space, ESD space or anywhere. I was a little inebriated at the moment. Sorry.....

    I was one that use to log on as many times as I could (I'd set an alarm) to help players get and give out DI and later on RP on my Klink at every tour cycle. I know that was ages ago, but I enjoyed it. There is really no reason I would ever bust my butt now, like I did back then, to achieve that status now.

    A few ask for it now, but it isn't something everyone needs or wants. Guess it is special to me because I did bust my butt back then to achieve those ranks to get the privilege to give.
    December 2018
  • sarvour0
    I had made a post in the General Discussion section, proposing a few new ships & enhancements for the game but it is still missing. Is it pending review? Or did the post editor eat it?
    December 2018
  • ssbn655
    I have a second character that I cannot access as the game crashed on my beaming of Bajor after completing the Orb Mirror universe arc. I just won a T-6 temporal Constitution on that character last night something I wanted for ages! Character is Nakadashi Sublime. This makes TWO of my characters that I cannot access due to a "fatal crash". HELP!
    December 2018