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Worst bug found so far...

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I've sent in a ticket about this but I want make sure it gets squished before live. I was having issues beaming down to a planet and not having an away team or a request reinforcements button. So to counteract this i was going to beam back up and down but instead of choosing which instance to zone into I hit cancel and the most crazy thing happened. I was invisible walking around...so I wanted to take this a little further I started shooting a Klingon and he didn't see me, killed him picked up my loot and continued the mission. I have found that most places I did this little exploit i could completely do the mission as normal, had a couple small issues here and there. I also tried this in a ground fleet action and i ended up scoring 27k points and the closest to me after that was 7k so this is a major issue I would say. I did try this in space a couple times, one mission it took the shields down but wouldn't budge his hull and I also tried it in the Fleet action and had a hard time seeing what way i was aiming and even though I didn't see any one shooting at me I died so at least this bug is mostly a ground combat issue.

Anyone else find this? Or was I the only one trying to find these loop holes?
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    same thing hapened to me in a mission
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    I had the same thing happen to me. I also have anotehr issue.

    When I beam off to my ship from a planet or mostly from a starbase I end up walking around in space as a character and not my ship.

    I can navigate etc.

    Then when I beam down to a planet sometimes I have the form of the ship moving around on the floor of the starbase.

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