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Delta Alliance Ground Set Tailor Unlock

muzzballmuzzball Member Posts: 11 Arc User
I have obtained the Delta rep armour, shield, antiproton rifle, and phaser rifle, and the tailor unlock project is not showing up. Nor is the Delta Armor option unlocked at the tailor.


  • muzzballmuzzball Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    I now have all of the Delta ground rep pieces; the armour, shield, and all 3 rifles, and the tailor unlock still has not shown up.
  • goatmanis1goatmanis1 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I have ran into the same issue
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 743 Arc User
    muzzball wrote: »
    ...the tailor unlock project is not showing up.
    The Project is no longer needed as the unlocks come by the projects triggering in the accolade.
    If you go hunting the accolade, you'll be able to find which set piece didn't trigger in the accolade and you can ask Support if they'll trigger it for you.
    I did that, but they just passed it on as a bug needing fixed and so I haven't got a costume unlock either. :(
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  • ayexeyenayexeyen Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    Interesting... can you check if you got the corresponding "command agent" accolade?
    Were all your ground sets of the same rarity/level when you obtained the last piece of equipment?
    If not it may be related to the same bug I have recently posted.
  • twade88#3463 twade88 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    The same problem is happening with me. The Delta Alliance personal shield set is not checking off as completed on the accolade checklist. Even though I've completed all three ground pieces and they are the same level/rarity. This same thing is happening with the Terran Task Force and Temporal Defense Initiative ground sets as well.
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