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solanae dyson story arc bloqued for almost all my characters

belatricisbelatricis Member Posts: 9 Arc User
edited January 29 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
i have 10 characters, and only one can do the solanae dyson story arc and is one that don't have do it prior the change in the story arcs. all the others simply have missing the buttons to replay it. I tried to replay previous missions but does not work
sorry if i didn't explain/wryte very well, my english isn't good enought
thak you
A few minutes after post that tread, i skipped a mission in previous story arc and "volia" fixed it, now seems that works for the character so i try it for the rest of the Pj.
thank you any way for all


  • emt27emt27 Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    Does your game crash as well if you use the solanae dyson gateway in the Romulan sector
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  • tk79tk79 Member Posts: 1,019 Arc User
    I had the same issue, even having played the Dyson arc before.

    The mission to introduce the character to New Romulus (the one with that long, unskippable cutscene when you first beam down) has been reset for me a few times for some buggy reason. Once I finished it for the 2349085th time, the Dyson arc returned to normal status.
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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 839 Bug Hunter
    There are some strange hangup's sometimes, so make sure you've done all New Romulus.

    The issue I've noticed despite having I thought done them all, is on one character Supply Woes still has the yellow message, warning you must do this to get found missions. Yet despite every other mission being done they still have the Yellow warning indicating that Supply Woes hasn't been completed?

    Then the challenge she runs into is despite having done all Delta missions, can't do Kobali Act II missions despite the General is willing to offer up Act I & Act III. Go figure...
  • emt27emt27 Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    Makes me feel better... well sorta... that I am not alone. Had two more toons get stuck in that gateway last week, including my new Jem'Hadar which until last week I thought was unaffected (since he had been through the gateway several times)
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