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Request: shield visual preview gallery



  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,514 Arc User
    edited January 8
    Character tailor does have the hide unowned check box so no reason that couldn't also be included in a revamp alongside a link to the rep system for quick slotting of the task if immediate purchase wasn't possible.

    Because that's a whole lot of development effort that could go to much more needed QoL fixes. Ex. overhauling the journal so players can more easily sort through and manage missions from the main arc, optionals, and the Foundry. This is a very minor issue when its only a matter of seeing how a known pattern from still images will apply in detail to a given ship. And the cost to making a wrong decision is only 300 marks (ie. roughly 3 or 4 TFO's.) That's pretty much the lowest of cosmetic systems (and trivial compared to where a wrong build can take you if you haven't properly extrapolated the results) and I don't think it's likely that the effort saved playerside would ever justify the investment of a major tailor overhaul.

    You can imagine ways in which there might be a preview system using known components but know that the developers have said variously (Ten Forward) that incorporating vanity shields as unlocks (which would be technically required for inclusion in any kind of tailor system. Ie. so you can use it to view this content) has not been on the table. The vanity shield system is a compromise to allow more skins to be made generally available without interacting directly with the tailor.
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  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Member Posts: 12,718 Arc User
    So here's another one.
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