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Fleet Actions

SystemSystem Member, NoReporting Posts: 177,987 Arc User
edited January 2010 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
This isn't really a bug just flat out annoying....

There really is no real way for a healer class like myself to attain any loot outside of begging people for groups with hopes of getting into one. The few times i have been able to get a group and the few times i have been able to loot ive been greated by:

Aux power battery
Shield battery
Engine battery.
IDGAF battery.

So whats really the point of me healing when everyone can just zerg with escorts or cruisers and have a more consistant loot spree? I picked up a healing class because i thought id want to heal but now im debating if i should even bother and just pick up and escort and have at it.

Would be nice to atleast remove the said items above from the loot table in fleet actions(fleet actions only)... its rather annoying to get that as a reward especially as a healing class.

Im hoping healing will become more apparent in the higher up fleet actions because the klingon scouting fleet action is a joke.
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