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Launcher issues (no not those issues)

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I've been looking and hope this isn't a duplicate issue.

I can log into the game when I launch from the desktop icon. I enter my user name and password and i can play fine.

When I logout and get the "cryptic login screen" and enter my user and password I get

"Invalid user name or password" and get booted yet when I originally logged in via the desktop icon I"m fine.

Just passing it on to the Dev's
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    just an fyi I figured out the issue.

    sometimes if you enter your user name in the box and then delete it "pieces" of the user name stay off screen. If you hit backspace you can find those letters, delete them and log in as usual.

    Trust me it works and yes its wierd.

    Gotta love beta though!

    That's what we're here to do
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