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Login Server Internal Error: Refresh Game Account Data Failed

kaosbainkaosbain Member Posts: 19 Arc User
when trying to log into game, I get this error

Login Server Internal Error: Refresh Game Account Data Failed

Both arc and steam launchers do this


  • krendigkrendig Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    same here.
  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 2,903 Arc User
    Welcome to the party! Seems a lot of us are getting this error, see: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline/#/discussion/1249941/refresh-game-account-data-failed
  • tm706tm706 Member Posts: 241 Arc User
    Same issue. Support is now aware of it as per a live chat I just had with them
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  • paulymanpaulyman Member Posts: 226 Arc User
    yep same here I was on risa and tried to use the dilly exchange and it was down. I thought "maybe its because im on risa" I tried to switch to another character and now I cant log back in and I get this message...
  • divvydenddivvydend Member Posts: 99 Arc User
    OK I'm glad its not just me having this problem :(
  • kaosbainkaosbain Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    I wasn't able to send mail attachments so I logged out and now can't get back in.
  • rattleshark#0665 rattleshark Member Posts: 69 Arc User
  • jamar8293#8986 jamar8293 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Same her I was changing toons and got kicked out . then cannot log back in. engineers are aware of it and will updated community as soon as possible.
  • pingaheadpingahead Member Posts: 241 Arc User
    It's good to know they are on it. But they only update us thru Facebook :#
  • tvalavulcantvalavulcan Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    We have the same problem.
  • martock6martock6 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Seems like they should update us through their own forums right? If not what is the use of having them?
  • tilartatilarta Member Posts: 1,705 Arc User
    I am experiencing this error as well.

    Tried three times to login, then gave up and decided to check back tomorrow.

    FYI, Cryptic now has to extend the Risa summer event by one day.

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  • shrimphead2015shrimphead2015 Member Posts: 355 Arc User
    edited July 12
    Seems like the problem has returned worse than before after hitting "Engage" log in has been timed out now after three attempts.

    As of writing this I managed to get past the log in , selected my captain and soon found myself back to the log in screen that had a notice that said I timed out.

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  • dameron92dameron92 Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    Well, here we go again. So, i even can't load the launcher, it says: "Loading. Please wait.". After 15 mins or so, i managed to enter to the game but got heavely lags, i even couldn't load risa map, so i decided to close this game and after that tried to launch this launcher again, but no luck, stuck on loading,please wait and etc.
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