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Suggestion on Dilithium Refinement

Could we have a system in place that would allow for a mass refinement of dilithium? I would gladly pay a small penalty for dilithium refinement if I could do it all in one fell swoop.

Call it a "special rush order" or something, and have it so there is less refined ore due to the rush job.
Mad Science means never stopping to ask "What's the worst that could happen?"

Things I want in STO:

1) More character customization options such as more clothing options, letting the toon complexion affect the entire body, not just the head. Also a true RGB color picker applied to all costume and appearance options, which would allow for true appearance customization and homogenous colors instead of "this same exact color looks vastly different on two different pieces."
2) Bridge customization, not bridge packs. Let us pick a general layout and adjust the color palette, console appearance, and chair types, as well as more ready room layout options.
3) Customizable ground weapons, i.e. The aesthetic look of phaser dual pistols but they shoot antiproton bolts. For obvious reasons this would only apply to standard ground weapons.
4) For the love of Q please revamp Plasma Ground Weapons. They look like demented Supersoakers right now.
5) True Vanity Impulse and Deflector effects similar to Vanity Shields.
6) A greater payout for hitting T6 Reputations. Currently it takes more time and resources to get from T5 to T6 than it does to get from nothing to T5. Make that grind really pay out at the end.
7) Mirrorverse Refugee event similar to AoY/Delta/Gamma, complete with new Mirrorverse recruits for all factions.
8) Independent Faction, because yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me!


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 2,955 Arc User
    If you mean all of the Dilithium on a single character beyond 8K... No, that would be hugely bad for anyone wanting to trade for Zen, as that would basically peg the market at 500 Dil/Zen (current maximum) with all the refined Dil that'd flow into the system (I have anywhere from 100k to 300k unrefined on each of my 10 chars as an example, and other people have lots more) and Cryptic seems to like there being a somewhat effective way for free players to get ships. Plus it'd make it harder on players that grind for an effective discount and then pay the rest in real money. Also, whales buying Dil for solo fleets getting 500 Dil/Zen would have to spend less to get there fleets fully in Dilithium.

    If you mean getting your 8k on each of your chars without needed to refine them manually, Subcribing used to do that, but you'd have to get Lifetime Sub now since they ended being able to get monthly if you weren't already recurrent subbing. At the tick-over for the next day's refining (0:00 GMT) it'd autorefine the previous day's amount.
  • garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,563 Arc User
    edited July 11
  • trillbuffettrillbuffet Member Posts: 515 Arc User
    I would say add in a feature to the lifetime accounts that has the option to choose the per character daily amount or an account wide daily amount. With the specializations and all that theres not really any reason to focus on any more alts its just how the game is now and why when they make a new expansion once daniels offers you his hand that is far as I go with those new faction characters.

    I used to use a lot of my alts for dilithium doing doffing for it but once they nerfed the contraband so much I don't even have a reason to play them anymore so it pretty much cut off my reason to even login and play anymore.
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