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"cold comfort" - Definitely bugged, impossible to complete.

legionexxodlegionexxod Member Posts: 12 Arc User
I've reported this to a GM who's advice I've followed and confirms that this is likely a bug.
after starting your interrogation of Tran, you have to click on the console by the commanding officer's cell... only there is no console, but if you mouse over where it should be, the mouse goes grey like its out of reach.... I've attempted all kinds of angles of approach, restarting the mission, logging out and logging back in (after 7 hours) and trying again, no change. its persistent. The problem only worsens because 1) without completing this mission you cant get offered the next one, and 2) in the available missions tab the "skip" button doesn't work either! So in other words if you have a character that doesn't already own the full breen set... you wont be able to get it.
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