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PS4 bug on mission

ginobaldelli823ginobaldelli823 Member Posts: 325 Arc User
edited May 13 in PS4 Gameplay Bug Reports
(private correspondance removed) - darkbladejk

I have a character on PS4 named (name removed - darkbladejk) and when trying to complete the Coliseum story arc I can not gather the water necessary to continue on. The trigger will not appear to collect it. The map point does show up and the quest tracts just fine to that point but can not get past it.
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  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 1,669 Community Moderator
    edited May 13
    @ginobaldelli823 First, please refrain from posting private correspondence as that's not permitted here for a number of reasons. I saved the relevant portion of your post to make the report. When a GM asks you to post about the issue, they're asking you to make a bug report here on the forum and describe what happened just as you did for them, without copying the private correspondence. Basically just do a repeat saying "this is what happened and this is where it happened," type of deal. With that said I did read over what's going on and will make sure the appropriate people are made aware of this. Also please check your pms when you have a chance.
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  • daren#3953 daren Member Posts: 3 New User
    I have a Bug in the Mission "MIND GAME" when you have to do what subcommander Khimik ask the peacemaker and the polyadrenaline Shot in Medbay are not there, there is a green way Icon. but there is nothing to grab. This has been two day's for this story mission for the Romulan. My character name Is Elol T'RLLAILLIEU. The episodes In the shadow where the mission is in. Please help
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