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Unable to Select Centaur Skin/Parts in Ship Customizer

unclegoldieunclegoldie Member Posts: 218 Arc User
edited March 14 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I don't have the T6 Reliant so couldn't check there, but I am unable to apply the [new] Centaur skin/parts to my T1 Reliant in the Ship Customizer. It didn't matter if I was selecting the Centaur default or any of the pieces in the Advance tabs, nothing seemed to apply. All the other variants seemed to work, though.
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  • tyler002tyler002 Member Posts: 1,545 Arc User
    edited March 14
    I have the Advanced Light Cruiser [T6] and can assure you that the skin's just as screwed up on the T6 version. Someone on Reddit has also mentioned having issues with the Fleet Advanced Light Cruiser [T6].

    So it's not just the Light Cruiser that's messed up, but all of them.
  • robertdamonrobertdamon Member Posts: 47 Arc User
    Yes, bugged on the T6 version too. Real shame this, was very excited about trying out the new skin (was my first ever ship back in season 3 - I loved the Excelsior aesthetic and wanted something different to the majority of Mirandas that were out there). Really looking forward to a bit of a nostalgia on my T6 version. Oh well, tomorrow night maybe, if they put in a hotfix?

    I did think the Twitter post saying it should auto-update sounded unusual, as the advice is normally to visit the ship tailor to update the skin. I wonder if there's a new system and it glitched first time out. These things happen.
  • lnbladelnblade Member Posts: 250 Arc User
    Also having this issue. The Centaur parts can be picked individually, but only if you're using the Vet hull.
  • captwcaptw Member Posts: 471 Arc User
    yeah getting a similar issue, can't change any of the Centaur's details.
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  • ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 390 Arc User
    I am having the Same Trouble too
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  • foxman00foxman00 Member Posts: 543 Arc User
    Known issue, being worked on internally atm. Not ETA on when it will be patched.
  • tousseautousseau Member Posts: 1,482 Arc User
    it seems that if you use any part of the Centaur, it breaks... I have been able to incorporate centaur parts on other bases, and even save it. But when I take it into space, it all reverts to that base you started with.
  • lexusk19lexusk19 Member Posts: 1,268 Arc User
    Yeah, same here. Cant select skin or parts... GG Cryptic.
  • spielman1spielman1 Member Posts: 978 Arc User
    Same here too doesn't work on any of my Miranda Class ships at all. Sam thing happens on my Ambassador Class too, slecet the new ship skin comes up with invalid part issue that is now on the Miranda too.
  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 1,972 Arc User
    Same here… invalid parts… odd
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  • ashstorm1ashstorm1 Member Posts: 620 Arc User
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