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EVA Suit Visual Bug: Parts Missing


I have noticed two instances of EVA suit parts missing on characters when equipped. In the first image is my Romulan character. I got the Lifetime Subscription in part to use each faction's EVA suits. I tried on the Romulan EVA suit you get for free with the subscription, but the pants do not show up on the character.


The second instance I encountered today with my TOS Federation character. It is during the Agents of Yesterday mission where you go onto the Tholian vessel and have to change into EVA suits. Oddly enough the female characters on my team don the full suits, while my player character and the other male characters are missing the torso section.


Please, folks at Cryptic and Perfect World, please fix this problem!


  • maphisto86#2647 maphisto86 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I have noticed that the other male characters I have and on my away teams also cannot wear the EVA suits without the pants or torso missing. I have asked on Reddit and it seems this is an issue that has occurred since the Victory Is Life expansion was released.
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