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[Console] Get Twelve Inventory and Bank Slots Today!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 1,987 Community Manager
It's our final day of giveaways on Console to celebrate Mirror of Discovery and our Ninth Anniversary! Today, you can grab twelve inventory and bank slots!



  • risian6#1997 risian6 Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    It's a single character unlock, still a nice gift. Thank you!
    Formerly known as Risian4. Risian6 is my new PS4-account. Fleetcaptain5 is my main PC account. I hope to actively play again on PC in a few months.

    Now that that's made clear... on to the next issue: when are playable Voth coming, and where's are my T7 Vesta and C-store purchasable real life shuttle? :)
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