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Spinning Captain in character select, spinning PoV in game

januhulljanuhull Member Posts: 154 Arc User
Title says it all. My captains are all spinning like tops, my character select keeps pushing down to the bottom of the list. Ingame, the camera PoV keeps spinning while being locked in top down view.

What the Hell, folkts?


  • januhulljanuhull Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    Nevermind, problem solved...apparently, there's some degree of controller support on PC, my controller was stuck down beside my tower.
  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 9,872 Arc User
    This is amazingly funny
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,924 Arc User
    LOL! You can turn them off in Options.
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  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 712 Arc User
    edited March 17
    This is just a comment - it's not a real helpful one, and the OP posted already a solution.

    BTW I had this or a similar issue long ago (I guess I didn't see that option then?) and people didn't believe when I asked for help regarding this then.

    For me it looked as if a key was "stuck" in a specific state, and I think the alt key had an effect on that phenomenon, but unsure. I think pressing alt (again?) could have helped this, at least sometimes, as if it has some effect of toggle.

    Also this issue might have a linkage to trying to type in the chatbox while instead keystrokes activate things outside of chat, or vice versa (I had some issues with alt tabbing and possibly also when I tried to change language - issues such as window losing focus, and becomes smaller non maximized, around on that time the spinning occurred, BTW. I still don't know the exact reason.)

    That comp was also old and already wasn't functioning very well (allegedly including graphic card and keyboard) so all bets are off in that regard though.
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