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Can't Claim Any Tier Ship bought off the Z-Store

jowolf18jowolf18 Member Posts: 53 Arc User
I had unlocked the Venture Exploration Crusier Refit and the T-1 Constitution Class in the Zen Store along time ago and haven't had an issue claiming it for all characters. Now I am using a Discovery character and a TOS character and I can not claim either of them. It is saying "Unable to complete transaction: The price of the product has changed. Please verify the new price before purchasing". Is anyone else have this problem? I got a reponse from someone saying "Based on the information you supplied it looks like the issue is the result of a bug". And "I have word that the developers and engineers are aware of the issue at hand. It appears that the price of items have reverted to an older price it once had, while the in game price states another price all together. This is why you will receive the errors that "a previous transaction is already running", or for others who are getting the error that the "price has been changed" This unfortunately would need a complete account server reset which is way more difficult then simply applying a patch or update during server maintenance. I also have not been provided with an ETA as to when this will be done either.


  • jowolf18jowolf18 Member Posts: 53 Arc User
    They even said this.... At this time it looks like the items in game have reverted to a "price" the item had been set to long ago, while the price in game shows another number. This is preventing items to be sold. This is why you will receive the error that the price has been changed, or that another transaction is running. Unfortunately this issue must be fixed on the back end.

    Back end huh?? I guess that means that they will never get to it anytime soon?
  • klar001klar001 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am having the same problem on a disco toon. But, it's only with claiming cruisers Galaxy dreadnought and Excelsior Cruiser.
  • darkninjaadarkninjaa Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Also can not add the any bridges that were brought to the T6 vacan scout ship or the temporal t6 pack ships that were brought on on the z store need to look at this ,
  • scottie58scottie58 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
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