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Unable to claim sponsorhip token with Jem Hadar character

jennlinnjennlinn Member Posts: 2 Arc User

I've created sponsorhip tokens for all reputations that my Jem Hadar character hadn't already pre-levelled and transfered them via the account bank, but there is no "claim sponsorhip" project available for the Jem Hadar character in any of the reputations ...

Anybody else tried to use the sponsorhip tokens on a Jem Hadar character? Did it work or is this a general problem?


  • catsupycatsupy Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Jem characters are all ready sponsored at least my one was .
  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 685 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Nowadays all VANGAURD Jemm'Hadar are AUTO sponsored - for free (probably beside Gamma but unsure about that)
    This is intended.

    FREE Jemm'Hadars are NOT auto sponsored but those could be manually sponsored instead.
  • jennlinnjennlinn Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Grmll ... of course I could have checked that, that the projects give 5000 reputation progress. Never got the idea, that they would already have all sponsorhips ...

    Also customer support could have mentioned that when they checked my incident report, but they obviously didn't know it either and asked me to file a bug report or ask here ...

    Anyway ... thx for opening my eyes ...
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 6,342 Arc User
    I wasted 100 marks per reputation because this wasn't listed as a feature of Vanguards ... oh well, I suppose I'll create another non-Vanguard alt eventually.
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