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Liberty Task Force/Honor Guard are Recruiting: Armada LV:FED1038/KDF902



  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 879 Bug Hunter
    edited August 3
    Well if "baddmoonrizin" endorses Liberty it might be something to check out. After all I love SEABEE's and the ANGEL wings typically associated with RESCUE/CONSTRUCTION battalions. o:)

    I was in a FLEET for 5+ years but after several years it was LONG overdue for some FRESH BLOOD, and a great way to meet some new players. If you'd welcome yet another Volunteer Community Member to the FLEET I'd love to join.

    I have 9 characters but did find a HOME for my FEDERATION players in Starfleet Omega Force; yet only joined them this morning. I may yet consider switching if it's a better fit. However currently I'm only looking for a KDF Fleet for my two Klingon Characters currently.

    However IF I did switch my FED characters (7) of (9) - it still be nice to not totally ambandon Starfleet Omega Force as they are looking for ways to ENGAGE with more players. So IF there is room in the Armada for 1 fleet that current is alone; then I might ask one of the FLEET LEADERS in Starfleet Omega Force, or could identify FLEET LEADERS if they'd like a larger community.

    They seem quite nice at a full 81 level FED fleet fully built up except the Colony.

    Kind Regards,

    PS: I'm also an expert in PHOTOSHOP and could help design some new ARMADA Signatures.
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  • willideswillides Member Posts: 525 Arc User
    Welcome to the fleet!
  • willideswillides Member Posts: 525 Arc User
    All our FED and KDF fleets are still recruiting. Visit www.libertytaskforce.com to read up on what we are about.
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