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[WpnCrit]x2 Mod does not increase Crth/CrtD

redvengeredvenge Member Posts: 1,409 Arc User
My Weapon Criticals skill increases, but my actual Critical Chance and Damage modifiers do not change. Tested on Qo'nos, the episode "Mine Enemy" and the PvP map "Assimilated Cruiser". Equipped a Delta Kit and the Chance and Damage did change.

Is this a visual bug or a performance bug?


  • welcome2earfwelcome2earf Member Posts: 1,732 Arc User
    It's certainly a visual issue, but it's also something else:

    The [WpnCrt] mod ONLY applies to your handheld weapons; it acts like a neutered version of [CritX] (about 2/3rds of a CritX, which is normally (CrtH + 1/2 CrtD)). The problem is there is NO place on the paperdoll to se the bonii you get to your weapons, so the only way you *can* see it is through a parser. You mention the Delta Kits which can add CritD/H/X - THOSE apply to ALL of your damage, both handheld wepaons and kit devices. A superior option, though soemtimes you can get Delta kits with Both.

    I hope this helps? I did a rundown of kit mods at the 8-Ball lounge. Check it out here.
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