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  • jorantomalakjorantomalak Member Posts: 7,129 Arc User
    I'm Alex MAKEPEACE, not Alex Roundhouse Everyone, Knocking Their Heads Off and Stuffing Their Headless Corpses Into a Black Hole!

    ... Calling it now. Someone's going to ban me for making peace.

  • aten66aten66 Member Posts: 639 Arc User

    You sir, win the Internet.
  • jorantomalakjorantomalak Member Posts: 7,129 Arc User
    Captains log Stardate 128.821-20/20-90210

    The captains log does not seem to be functioning properly , there is some lag between activation and actual usage.

    <10 minutes later>

    Ugh guagh ergh update it seems the captains log is starting to take the shape of an S shaped anomily idk if this is natural or not.

    <5 minutes later>

    Whew update after several attempts i finally got the log to function properly though it took some strain and sweat it finally worked as it should.

    *gets up flushes toilet steps out of the stall starts to walk away*

    Computer? end program

    *uses the ships intercom*

    Ensign riley report to holodeck 1 there seems to be a mess that needs cleaning
    I'm Alex MAKEPEACE, not Alex Roundhouse Everyone, Knocking Their Heads Off and Stuffing Their Headless Corpses Into a Black Hole!

    ... Calling it now. Someone's going to ban me for making peace.

  • siralexanderdanesiralexanderdane Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Captain's log, supplemental. There's an Academy saying I remember from my Freshman year, "Don't play Parrises squares with an amorous Klingon". Apparently this is not just a metaphor. Ouch...
  • hawku001xhawku001x Member Posts: 10,077 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Samya, U.S.S. Dropzone; Defiant-class
    Captain's log, Stardate 87421.41

    I just received the weirdest communiqué from Seifer. Something about his grandparent, or perhaps he was his own grandfather? I just skimmed it and drew my own conclusions. Personally, I'm for the idea we all purposely terminate our lives by age 32, but who am I to argue with results? Getting that message actually reminds me of the Iconian War, where he and I served under the banner of Task Force Epsilon, a small fleet of starships between "episodes" which was sent to track down a covert group of Iconian ships. It took the Dropzone befriending one Herald, a Thrall, found aboard a derelict Baltim raider, and forming a bond of trust with him to find this group, when in reality he was leading us into a trap. I'll never forget the multiplied look of shocks in those Thrall's many eyes when he realized my task force had just dropped out of warp to back me up. It was a glorious battle of murdering and killing and such. Speaking of my blood thirst, as a Human woman, the ship's counselor, Toji, has me checking in with him every half an hour to recite the Starfleet Oath. Like that even applies in the 25th century? Hah! And what did I mean by "episodes?" Anyway, I'm off to tally my body count. It was nice of Kagran to poll them for me.
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  • jorantomalakjorantomalak Member Posts: 7,129 Arc User
    I'm Alex MAKEPEACE, not Alex Roundhouse Everyone, Knocking Their Heads Off and Stuffing Their Headless Corpses Into a Black Hole!

    ... Calling it now. Someone's going to ban me for making peace.

  • maobemaobe Member Posts: 86 Arc User
    Personal Log, Fleetadmiral Girengad, U.S.S. JUGGERNAUT, Stardate ... yeah, whatever...

    War always is the same someone said. The War with the Iconians is over and the Quadrants are a bloody mess. The Fleet is decimated by 50% and from the other 50% are 90% heavily damaged. The Battlegrounds are swarming with Scavengers by now and there are not even a handful of dozen peregrines to keep them away from the wrecked ships. The Market will be flooded with parts. War is good for business, eh? I guess we will see a lot of "Kitbashs" in the next few months, when useful Shipparts from wrecks are nailed together to create ugly but functional vessels. Always wanted to see what a DDeridex looks like paired with the Saucer of a Galaxy. Just kidding. Utopia Planitia is already beginning to commision new ships and reactivating even some of those old buckets that where dusting around in the graveyards, waiting to be cannibalized. Instead they now coming back on duty with very colorful crews. The JUGGERNAUT is one of ten ships or so in Sector 001 with not more than a few "dents" in the saucer and a need for a fresh paintjob. We only lost 10% percent hull, a few primary systems like the upper weaponarrays and commandphalanx and a handful of shieldcoils. Nothing we cant handle. And we lost about 20% of crew, mainly to secondary effects like shock, decompression and radiation. We just had luck i guess, allthough we were in the boilingpoint the whole time and took some beating. But the huge command cruisers, the pinnacles of engineering, are just made to take it and keep it going as long as there is a soul alive on board. OK, with only standard Systems out of the Fleetyard the JUGGERNAUT would be a burnt out wreck by now. I encourage every captain to "pimp" his Ship as soon and fast as possible. It can save lives. Repairs are going on, we can do without a dock, are doing everything that need to be done. From running errands to delivering goods to towing wrecks. Our whole Fleet of Shuttles and Falcons, Working Bees, every thing that can haul a few tons of cargo or have a traktorbeam is out there and HELPING. Engineering taking double and tripple shifts. My BO´s and I are LIVING on the Bridge at the moment, every Station is doubled. Our Sickbay has expanded over three decks and we are more a flying lazarett than a battlecruiser, "The Doc" is busy. Very busy. This ship has dealt so much destruction and death over the last weeks and month, has seen enough battle for a whole fleet. The hull would be jetblack with every victims name inscribed on it. Feels good to be not in battle. To be not on red alert 24/7. Fighting has become such a routine to us, its hard to remember when we entered a system being not on yellow or more often red alert. I never thought i would find tranquility in doing paperwork, not have to decide over life and death. I envy our Chief of Engineering. He´s an Android and doesnt need sleep. He´s able to replace a whole Engineeringteam, and he does. We all feel lucky being alive and relieved we made it. But everyone has aged and there are shadows in the Eyes of my Bridgecrew, who i call Comrades, Friends, Family. Even our valued Jem´Hadar Com. Vam´Tana Ix, seems to be tired of fighting. A whole generation is gone. Nearly everone has lost Friends and Family. There are a lot of new faces in the crews these days, young, very young cadets, pregraduates, makin their last year on board a ship now. Volunteers, mercs, even reactivated REDs and new created Photonics, LOTS of Photonics, to fill the gaps in our ranks. We lost so much people that even Prisoners down on Earth are freed for helping where they can. Theres rumors Command is considering the use of Dominion Cloning Tech to speed up the process of stuffing up our ranks. The Federation is very vulnerable now. I hope we will have time to recover enough before the next crisis will strike. And it WILL strike. There are still "Bad guys" out there, who will reach out for an opportunity to take what they want. The JUGGERNAUT will be ready when they come. And KICK TRIBBLE. Again. As usual.
    U.S.S. JUGGERNAUT - Command Science Cruiser
    "Where we are is the front."
  • jorantomalakjorantomalak Member Posts: 7,129 Arc User
    Ships log stardate .....Ive actually forgotten the date

    The war ended almost as quick as it had begun, and now we take a step back from the abyss dry our eyes mend wounds and mourn our fallen.
    Even now as the celebration in the san fran bay area heats up at both the academy and within the city itself i couldnt celebrate with them my mind is elsewhere so i returned to the ship before the festivities began.
    What now? , now that peace has been declared i prepare myself and my ship for the next war on the horizon , if there is one constant in the universe is....there will be war.
    Ive went over the casualty reports, how can i manage to write to so many people sure the crazy horse came through this war but we took our lumps and lost alot of good people , hell i think we all did.
    But now i set to the tasks of informing their families of their sacrifices , knowing what i know now could this war been avoided? or were there no other way in the end how do i tell these kids families that their childs life wasnt in vain when i feel that this war should've never happened in the first place.

    Personal log : Entry 1

    I just finished doing my morning jog around the saucer section of the ship as always i just choose a random deck, today though i found myself stopping near one of the ships plaques , bronze embelished with the ships name and crew.
    What i ddnt expect was that the names on THIS plaque was of the original crew of the crazy horse well atleast the crew who fought in the dominion war.
    Made me smile a little had the refit crews forgot to remove it? or maybe someone left it as a reminder of this ships past, either way i want it to stay to keep us grounded to steel our hearts and resolves.
    I remember when i first took command of the crazy horse i had my choice of ships even a galaxy class but i seen the old crazy horse sitting in the boneyard though pretty badly beaten up there was a stately elegance to it a serene strength to it.
    I knew this was my ship so i told quinn which i wanted he was suprised i would take the again and mangled exclesior class that had not seen action since the dominion war.
    I would not be swayed the crazy horse or nothing , so i had it towed to my fleets shipyards where over the course of the next 7 months it went through major repairs and upgrades to all systems when it finally was done it was like a completley new ship.
    During this war i was asked to take command of a oddesey class the uss ticonderoga i declined i was appointed to take command of a presidio class one of the new next gen ships i refused.
    The crazy horse fought in every major engagement with the iconians and when other newer stronger ships were destroyed my old aging excelsior class stood its ground and never faultered.
    Sure the crazy horse might not be the youngest belle at the ball, ..but she can still turn a few heads.

    <End Log>
    I'm Alex MAKEPEACE, not Alex Roundhouse Everyone, Knocking Their Heads Off and Stuffing Their Headless Corpses Into a Black Hole!

    ... Calling it now. Someone's going to ban me for making peace.

  • hawku001xhawku001x Member Posts: 10,077 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Iviok, USS Jenova; Centaur-class
    Captain's Log, Stardate 87421.43

    Well, my ship did not fare too well. I could have sworn we exploded several times and were brought back into existence by Q, but I have no way to prove this. What? You think I was talking about the Iconian War? No, this was just a run-in with a Deferi Tuffli-class freighter the other day. We're not even at war with them! They were trying to take our transports of provisions! Guh. This Tier 1 ship is just not cutting it. How'd I even get through the Iconian War? Perhaps that is a story for another time. Right now, I need to repair my ship's warp core. The entire crew takes hourly shifts. I don't think I've ever seen my warp core in a complete state of health, ever; and if I did, I'm not sure I'd like it.
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  • avanterranavanterran Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Captain's Log, Stardate 111015.00

    One of the crewmen took a really large dump, we managed to take this dump to the Iconians and ended the war.

    End Log.

    If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives... could you then kill that child?

    ~The Doctor
  • catstarstocatstarsto Member Posts: 2,149 Arc User
    So today....


    Joyfully express salutation using sincerity. It's said, love overcomes rude demeanor.
  • hawku001xhawku001x Member Posts: 10,077 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Author's note: This entry references last year's LC STO Halloween.

    Seifer, USS Phoenix-X; Prometheus-class
    Captain's log, Stardate 87421.5

    I've relieved my entire crew of duty and am the lone officer aboard the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, as it seems some kind of sickness has taken all of us. I believe it to be related to the undead-like virus we encountered from Calibus VII. Doctor Lox is fighting it too and has been working diligently for hours, though he might just be trying to eat off his own arm, as last I saw him. I've discovered an unidentified ship on long-range sensors and have been trying to get through their communications firewalls for help, but it seems the firewalls only respond to jokes about humanoid excrement. All levels of intelligence have started to diminish within me and now I'm dumber than ever. But TRIBBLE, though. Am I right? TRIBBLE! Ha! I just can't get enough! Whatever I've become, it's only a matter of time before the Caitians seek me out as food. Wait. I do recognize this firewall configuration. It's Pakled in origin. They're behind all this guano? They're the demons of dung and night soil? It can't be?? My basic level of intelligence has all been a lie? Further study is needed.
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