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Faction Trial Rewards

scooooterscooooter Posts: 16 Arc User
I think its pretty stupid that on Sundays Trial rewards disappear. I was in a situation I couldn't return to my computer, and lost my rewards because of this. It is probably a waste of my time to even vent on here. Just sucks that this system is like this. Is there anything that can be done about it?


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    The system wont change if CN doesnt have problems with it and as its still like that and I havent personally seen any complaints, not that I live on CN forums, I wouldnt expect a change for it.

    I`m a curious over how you split your trial rewards cause I know we had some sort of split among all who participated on trials for first few weeks but it was just a completely stupid way of splitting them. Most ppl got junk they didnt need, etc. Our current system is a bidding system where everybody gets 1 "winning bid" every cycle, which currently is 2 months. Ppl would "bid" on set bundles of items, if there are more bids than 1(or 2 during 2x), the list would be randomized for winners. You win, you get the bundle, you dont, you wont lose your "bid". If there are no bids on bundle, everybody could bid for free and list would be randomized for winner(s).

    The main perk is ppl getting what they want and not junk they have no need for. Negative side is the rng involved but no system is perfect. This however requires finishing same amount of trials each week so only really accessible for guilds who finish them all. This because you want to keep the bundles the same week after week so its fair for everyone.
  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 797 Arc User
    @datsang We just have people ask for a particular item and the items are split as equally as possible to all those who ask for it. I think there are alternate requests that are used if you wouldn't be able to get at least 1 of your first choice and some of the stuff that's unpopular gets bundled together with other things.​​
  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,687 Community Moderator
    It's annoying that trials and the faction set gets reset on Monday. I dont think the idea is to do all trials on the last day. Rather do them as the week goes on.

    As for rewards I've seen a few factions have a vote system to vote what they want. On that items are given out as per that list in fairness as possible.

    I also know of a faction that raffles off some items. Each trial you attend gives one entry etc.

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