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  • araneax

    October 13
  • letzgobaby#9550
    "Abandon the idea that players should play the game the way the developers intended. Start with the idea that this is a game - it is supposed to be fun. Set your primary goal to:Maximize the enjoyment of the maximum number of players for the maximum period of time.

    I understand the game needs to make money, but the simple fact is that happy, motivated players are probably more likely to spend their cash than frustrated and disappointed ones.

    As it is, I am just hoping the game lasts until late 2019. PM me if you want to know what I am waiting for ... I will not discuss a different game here."

    Can you msg me, for, what are you waiting? I couldnt find a button to pm you, maybe because im new here. Just got interested in that post of yours, and I would find it nice to check what are you interested in.

    Kind Regards
    October 1
  • dragonwizard#9636
    Nw games dying went from 200k to 300k on microsoft and 200k to 300k onsony servers data to just 80k to 95k
    Data sony and ms servers just before nw launch look at trending window is shows down for youtube, down for cominities, down for player numbers yesterdays data was 67k at midday on sunday real low considering its weekend plus chult just launched extra data pw stock lowerrevenues march april had workers fired , todays revenues are lower so probably more fires and less hires
    September 18