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Workshop Tutorial Quest Bug [fixed]

bob#4333 bob Posts: 21Member Arc User
edited November 2018 in Peer to Peer Tech Forum
I got a bug in Workshop quest. I had 7 Artisans before I started the tutorial from free chest, and the quest says Accept Applications 1/1. So I went to masters desk, and im at max artisans. So I tried to dismiss some and it says complete tutorial first to unlock feature, so I cant complete the first part of tutorial. I try to accept artisan but it says Complete tutorial to unlock feature. I cant do this because I am at max artisans and I cant dismiss of accept any. Is it ok if someone can fix this bug for me?
Thanks everyone, @bob#4333 [Real Makos] :) Also, cant abandon quest. I tried shutting game, and logging back in multiple times, nothing changed.
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Real Makos, Member of Greycloaks Guild.

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  • jmiller84jmiller84 Posts: 165Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I've had the same issue with one of my characters for nearly 2 weeks. I can use morale, but I can't send orders of any kind for any profession.
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