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EXTENDED MAINTENANCE - All platforms (including test shards) across all Cryptic titles will be down May 29 from 5am to 11am PDT


scaredstraitscaredstrait Posts: 37Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
whats up with the server tonight many are being dissconnected many times .


  • markeen#2032 markeen Posts: 292Member Arc User
    It’s system wide now. All platforms are experiencing it.
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  • ngpeversfongpeversfo Posts: 3Member Arc User
    3-4-2018 still getting disconnected every minute or so... this is way I stopped playing last time I think
  • merik1999merik1999 Posts: 39Member Arc User
    It was great earlier today...now...about every minute i get disconnected. thought it was my Network but other games are fine
  • nysolenysole Posts: 4Member Arc User
    edited March 2018
    I've experiences quite a few disconnects today or try to get back in and it can't even connect to the server. These disconnects are affecting my time to run dungeons for quests on certain characters and literally locks you out for leaving when it isn't your fault so please fix.. https://gyazo.com/3e811400122d195d36d2420bd126f798
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  • ngpeversfongpeversfo Posts: 3Member Arc User
    Yeah, I played STO for about an hour last night without issue, then tried to play NW this morning was good for about 20 minutes then I started getting the "Server Not Responding" thing, then finally disconnect. At first I was able to get back in although I got kicked after a getting onto a character for a moment, then I only got the game to start but it would disconnect, now I can't even seem to get the launcher to connect. It isn't just not connecting either, earlier when I was actually in game it kicked me by shutting off MY wireless connection not just disconnecting from the NW server and I'm only about 10 feet from the router. No, it doesn't happen with other things (games, browser, streaming movies, etc) even other Craptic games like STO.
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