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Drawing Requests

ashtrailsashtrails Posts: 2Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Arc User
edited October 2013 in Art and Fiction
This is kinda shtick of mine, using the game I like to play atm for some creative sparring.

And You can help me with that.

So, if you want your character, or any D&D related stuff drawn, tell me, gimme some parameters to work with (short description, screenshot etc...) and I'll doodle away.

For now it's black & white lines/sketches!
Some examples here:
My Cleric character: http://ashtrails.deviantart.com/#/art/A-Nice-Place-Beside-the-Stream-408740864?hf=1

Or this in regards of black and white: http://ashtrails.deviantart.com/gallery/45067387

First 3 people will get served for now, as soon as I'm done (assumed this'll work at all), we're in for another round.
Slots are open as of now

Some info.
Please friggin' read this:

-I'm not a pro or anything. I do this just for fun and to get some training, so, no obligations on both sides.

-As soon as the slots are filled, I can/will no longer consider any requests until I'm done with the current wave.
Please bear that in mind and just take a shot when slots are open again. I'll give a rough ETA of the last pic of the current wave a good chunk of time before it'll actually go online.

-Number of Slots may vary, depending on my time and/or your demand.

-Please be reasonable about your request. Not for my sake, heaven forbid. Consider though, the more complexity, the longer each single drawing will take, which again will cause a longer delay till the next round.

-Also, try to keep the description short, but accurate.

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