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Weapon enchants interfering with magistrates consideration -both pc and ps4

jonkocajonkoca Posts: 2,493Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
User stefoid ps4

"Have only tested with my Flaming WE for sure, but could be all WEs. I cant tell.

With it equipped, I dont get the LostMauth Vengeance on a critical, or Magistrates Patience. When I unequip, BAM, those kick in on a critical

PS4 users, (and perhaps others platforms?) Can you to test your WEs to see if equipping them prevents other damage abilities from firing?"

And my own testing today

"PC - Can confirm also with trans feytouched. Killed dire bears in cold run with normal rotations the amount of magistrates consideration was reduced from around 10 (no enchant) to 4 (with enchant).

However, when I switched to just at wills, I got 27 procs with no enchant, and absolutely zero procs with enchant slotted."

Something's up.
No idea what my toon is now.


  • jrdiiorio#8134 jrdiiorio Posts: 119Member Arc User
    Using a lightning and vorpal I dont proc lost or magistrates on first few hits. So if I repeatedly just tap an at will or encounter it never procs. If I spam attacks it starts to kick in after a little. Been like this for a few weeks now for me on PS4.
  • jonkocajonkoca Posts: 2,493Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Swapped to vorpal, no problems now with magistrates.

    Fey is really buggy.
    No idea what my toon is now.
  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Posts: 254Member Arc User
    Yes Magistrate's patience definitely does not proc properly with Feytouch and Lightning (compared to vorpal).
  • etelgrinetelgrin Posts: 1,566Member Arc User
    @asterdahl @rgutsheradev

    Hello there!

    It looks like the amount of bugs related to Feytouched has become quite significant, from the debuff value, to triggering conditions, to interaction with insignia passives. Can we get a proper fix please?

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  • jrdiiorio#8134 jrdiiorio Posts: 119Member Arc User
    About a month ago lightning was procing magistrates and lostmouth on all chains. Seems that there was a ninja hot fix several weeks ago to turn them off to where they arnt working properly.
  • vincentr6669vincentr6669 Posts: 235Member Arc User
    Does Frost and/or Plaguefire interfere with Magistrate's Consideration/Patience?
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