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FC.31.20171027.14 - Winter Event

kaizerinkaizerin Posts: 1,950 Cryptic Developer
edited December 2017 in PTS - The Archive
Power Changes

Nova Flare
  • Increased healing for Fiery Escalation stacks.
  • Reduced radius to 5 (from 10).
  • Removed heal lowering if multiple targets are hit.

Electric Form
  • Corrected the tooltip on this power where it stated how much energy it gave. In reality the amount of energy it gave is based on the amount of electrical damage you receive.
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of energy you receive was not getting multiplied properly by incoming damage.

  • Fixed a bug where this power was getting canceled by Incapacitates.

  • Added Fire Cloud aura.

  • Renamed some of the winter costume items to match naming conventions.
  • Added a yellow holiday cracker reward box. This item drops from opening gifts in the open world and contains a random yellow quality winter costume. Stacks to 20.
  • Added Wintertide gear to the store. This gear adds bonuses to XP when 3 are equipped.
  • Added Holiday Train vehicle to the store.
  • No new costumes this week, there will be plenty in the coming weeks!
  • The Action Figure mission reward has been reduced to 2 tokens (from 10), but is now repeatable. These missions have a 5 minute cooldown.
    Added additional Snowball perks.

Added the following modifications to the Winter Store, these mods will become available through the Winter Alert and Open missions later on as well:
  • Cold Resistance + Knock Resistance
  • Cold Resistance + Defense
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Bonus threat when using Cold damage typed attacks.
  • Reduced threat when using Cold damage typed attacks.


  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,475 Arc User
    Updated heal comparison.

    Max AoE healing per invested second.
    - Nova Flare (1063*3*5)/0.5=31890
    - Valas Light charged r2 + adv ((3875+404*10)*5)/1.5=26383
    - Valas Light charged r3 (3875*1.2*5)/1.5=15500
    - Valas Light taps r3 (1428*5*1.2)/0.67=12788
    - Illumination (1476*5)/0.5=14760

    Max AoE healing per second (I am assuming 2.5 seconds cooldown for nova and vala, 4.2 for illuminaiton).
    - Nova Flare per use = 0.5+2.5 = 3 seconds. HPS = (1063*3*5)/3=5315
    - Valas Light charged r2 + adv, no target switching, per use = 1.5+2.5 = 4 seconds. HPS = (3875*5)/4+404*5=6863
    - Valas Light charged r2 + adv, with target switching, per use = 1.5+2.5 = 4 seconds. HPS = (3875*5)/4+404*5*3=10903
    - Valas Light charged r3, per use = 1.5+2.5 = 4 seconds. HPS = (3875*1.2*5)/4=5812
    - Valas Light taps r3 , per use = 0.67+2.5 = 3.17 seconds. HPS = (1428*5*1.2)/3.17=2702
    - Illumination per use = 0.5+4.2 = 4.7 seconds. HPS = (1476*5)/4.7=1570

    So now the heal per second you invest is higher than even Vala's Light + full HoT, and optimally the HPS is quite competitive too. But the tiny tiny tiny range does strongly limit its use, even two melee players attacking the same boss are often more than 5 feet apart. The only place you could really use the target cap is when players crowd very tightly like when fighting Kiga.

    All in all I still feel Nova Flare is being disadvantaged a bit to strongly, the required stacking would have been reason enough to give it a stronger heal. And even with a 10 feet sphere it would have struggled to be competitive with bigger AoE heals like Valas Light, Arcana Vitality or Life Essence, but now with a 5 feet range it's not even really an AoE heal anymore. And as your only single target heal it not all that great either.
  • chaosdrgnz43chaosdrgnz43 Posts: 1,228 Arc User
    I gotta ask, why make "specific damage type resist+knock resist/defense" mods when you know no one is gonna use them?

    We all know Impact/Gambler/Growth can give somewhat better survivability because it's an all-rounder.
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 2,772 Arc User
    The more mods, the more bank space you have to buy to horde them.

    I wish they would retool the original defense mods to make them other than clutter. E.g. do people actually use Mitrdatism, Darkness Consumption, etc.?

    Project Attalus: Saving the world so you don't have to!
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 442 Arc User
    Some tanks use them in their extra tank gear, but this gets EXTREMELY expensive on con mods, and then you need to farm the hell out of justice def/dis def etc to slot them into. But yes, people do use them.​​
  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,475 Arc User
    I do have a few specialized defense mods. But I don't really care about these "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" defense mods. If I want spend the time (and money) farming up additional gear for specialized situations it has to be something that helps me a significantly. Going from 2 impact mods to 2 specialized mods lowers my resistance from defense by 18%. Getting back 50% resistance to 1 damage type per mod is good, 25% + some knock resistance is not worth it.
  • revanantmoriturirevanantmorituri Posts: 375 Arc User
    kaizerin said:

    Power Changes

    Nova Flare

    • Increased healing for Fiery Escalation stacks.
    • Reduced radius to 5 (from 10).
    • Removed heal lowering if multiple targets are hit.
    Five FEET? Five targets I could see, but as noted, no one stands that close together except at Kigatilik, and if we had any other choice, we wouldn't.

    At least not until the Line Dancing AT comes out, that is...
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  • draogndraogn Posts: 1,268 Arc User
    A five foot radius is useless. Especially if the power is 5 ft from the character and not the target.
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