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  • I agree, and obviously the idea needs a bit of expansion. Still, being able to 'use' the interior is a long-requested feature and I'd love some further exploration of the idea. What about boarding parties/escaped prisoner/Mirror Universe incursion sort of thing?
  • I'd absolutely love if they could do Ship Interior "Patrols". There are consoles that appear in every ship interior - like the one in the ready room which is used to decode a message for a mission (the name of which escapes me). Set a few of these up in each interior - say, one or two in each interior's Engineering, Sick…
  • I ran into this issue when I created a new character yesterday. The easiest way to fix it is by simply changing instances and running up to the guards again - at least, it worked for me!
  • They are actually there for a purpose. Department Heads were introduced shortly after the Doff system itself was brought out, and give access to the assignments that could originally only be seen by speaking to certain NPCs within your ship interior. People complained about having to go in the interior - despite them…
  • Found a little bug - before you beam up to your ship after talking to the Guardian when completing "Past Imperfect", if you jump into the Guardian's portal again, it cancels your mission progress and you have to do the part in the past all over again.
  • That might be true, but the Federation is a sector-spanning entity comprised of hundreds of individual worlds (not all, clearly, populated by humanity). Federation Standard - the "English" supposedly used in the Star Trek Universe - may have hundreds of individual dialects. Every world is home to billions of people, and…
  • It's a common feature of English language change to "anglicize" borrowed foreign words for ease of both pronunciation and spelling. Similar to your example is the Dutch city of Den Haag, which we'd call The Hague - an anglicization, and not a translation. Although I can't claim to be a prescient exolinguist, I'd warrant…
  • The fact that the rest of the NPC dialogues are not fully voiced is not because Cryptic "rushed" - I suspect it has something to do with keeping costs down. Consider how much Dorn may have had to be paid; do the others really have to be fully voiced, when we have an original cast member returning to his role? If people…
  • Which arch, exactly? The island is full of them. Do you mean the one that is on the right hand side of the map?
  • Why does any trace of civility evaporate on the internet? Relax the imperatives, my friend.
  • I'm not sure whether former IRS allies would support D'Tan. For one thing, Tal'aura was opposed to Romulan/Vulcan Reunification just as much as Sela is now, something for which D'Tan actively supports and is working towards. Once the IRS was dissolved back into the Star Empire, I would have thought the Tal Shiar would rid…
  • Honestly, I'm not too bothered about the queue, as it shows that there is huge interest in the game and the Star Trek IP as a whole - no doubt Into Darkness has pushed up the number of people willing to give the game a try. I remeber the Content Drought (of, what, two years ago?) under Atari and how the game came so close…
  • Indeed. Would I be stretching it to say the new Nimbus adventure zone reminds me of a certain desert planet from a galaxy far, far away? Although, it really does evoke the feeling of the Tatooine zone in TOR, which isn't a bad thing.
  • I'm not being funny, but out of however many Foundry missions that there are, you want the few that are not in English to be removed/re-written?
  • You do visit Empok Nor during a few missions in the Cardassian Arc, but its been identified on the map as being in the "Trivas System". Looks like they've changed the name to make it more easily identifiable.
  • I'm getting really annoyed with the naysayers on the forums about the Romulans. Before the announcement was made, hardly anyone truly believed a Romulan faction of any shape was coming. Lo and behold, it is - but because it doesn't conform to people's pre-concieved expectations, there's a firestorm on the forums. Think of…
  • Kirk's Enterprise was in service for 40 years, but I see what you mean. If you think about STO's current story, however, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that older ships have been re-comissioned due to the mulit-fronted war the Federation is fighting.
  • Really? The quality of the novels has improved dramatically over the last few years. I'd really recommend you have a look at the Star Trek: Vanguard series, if nothing else. It would be interesting to know who's in command of Voyager now, if it's still in service - or what former crew members are up to in STO. Janeway is…
  • I've played since the Closed Beta, and I can safely say that STO is in a better position now than it has ever been. The "Year of Hell" is not an experience I wish to repeat, and neither do the developers; I remember when Stahl was quite frank with the playerbase about how Cryptic couldn't even afford enough cups in the…
  • Can I just ask a quick question - if I wanted to reference or use locations/events covered within the Star Trek: Vanguard novels, would that be allowed under the EULA? I'm not entirely sure whether characters from the novels can be used either, but I wouldn't just to be on the safe side.
  • I'd say have a look at the TrekBBS, which usually has a good few dense threads on the go.
  • Oh no, not this thread a-gorn!
  • I'm not sure about this, it could go either way - but I'm glad Star Wars is going to be on the big screen again, I just hope that the story is set a long time after the Skywalker Era. It's over and done with, and Disney should move Star Wars forward.
  • This sounds grim, but I'm glad it's not just me who's having authentication problems - just installed on my laptop and thought there was an issue there.
  • I've been using the one of the generic walls (the thin Fed-like one, the name escapes me). I've found that it works much better if you place some horizontal, some vertical (crossing in the middle), to cover all of the space that the interact can be used from. I've not had it fail on me yet when I've been testing it. This…
  • I wonder if - by relating it to the Star Trek: Destiny timeline - that the Azure Nebula is the means by which we will see the Vesta being introduced?
  • Sollvax, the film grossed more than all of the other Trek movies did, regardless of whether you adjust for inflation or not. Even if it did make "less per dollar than the others", many more people saw XI that saw the others. It earned much more than was invested into it - that fact is supported by numbers - which means it…
  • Sure, the movie may have done away with previous Trek, but I tend to look at it with a wider perspective. Think about just how many people in a new generation were introduced to Star Trek because of the movie - that can only be a good thing for the franchise, surely! We as a fanbase are highly resistant to change, but I'm…
  • This post has been edited to remove content which violates the Perfect World Entertainment Community Rules and Policies. ~kalecto
  • The Holodeck and Tribble C-Stores are completely seperate from one another, and have been since Season 4 was being tested, I think. Unless you transfer a character over with the ships/items you want, they won't be unlocked on Tribble.