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  • I got a response to my support ticket and an Engineer moved my ship to the correct map so I could pick up the tutorial where I left off.
  • I see that the disconnection issue is fixed. So how do I reset my mission progress? I'm at the edge of Klingon space with the next mission step to beam to Qo'nos and that planet is not on my map.
  • Thanks for not making the linking optional. Now all users of this computer and shared steam account can't get into their STO accounts, but they can access mine without any security barriers.
  • Just means that there won't be any means throughout the year to upgrade that does not cost dilithium. The price of epic quality items will skyrocket out of the price range of all casual players and people will leave the game at a faster rate. I now have banks of mk ii stuff from weapon boxes I opened trying to get omnis…
  • You were right, generic starship bridge so can't even use the decent fed ones. Waste of another 900 of my Lobi like the Zahl was. Well there's no point me buying keys trying to get the other one if they only bothered to draw the outside and not the inside.
  • Can't wait to see what they have designed for the Miradorn and Husnock Bridges for my collection
  • I'd love to have the option to drag a stack of 20 items to the sale box and choose to provide a bulk price, have a bulk price automatically populated from a per unit price, or choose to have the whole stack as individual listings based on the per unit price I give to save doing them one at a time. Then a c-store purchase…
  • Yes, as you align you sometimes gain more chances. For example my first one of today as soon as the time started I walked off and picked up a blue stabiliser, I then stood by my table doing nothing until the alignment phase where I mashed the 'F' key aligning a Purple Engine, a Blue Hull and a Purple stabiliser and got a…
  • Those numbers are the number of chances you get in the alignment stage to improve your equipment increased by the spare parts.
  • It's really not even difficult. Run to a pile of junk and mash the 'F' key until you have searched it all it will allow, move to the next area and repeat. Then once you have one of everything stock up on spares. Then go back to the bench to realign all the parts, 5 or 6 by playing the minigame properly or about 20 once you…
  • I built a ship without an engine, a green hull and blue stabiliser and it still flew further than another guy who had blue purple purple. I have so many characters that I spent one round doing this.
  • Ok, I deleted the whole game and did a fresh install, which fixed the issue.
  • I'm having a similar problem now for the last day. After I engage from the loader the cryptic screen comes up and the bar gets about 15% before crashing to desktop with the crash reporter. I have tried through both ARC and steam and in safe mode, full screen and windowed. I was running a windows update download during the…
  • You're right about that. I have cleared out all 22 of mine that sold for 30mil each over the last week so I have some extra ec for something nice :smile:
  • I see an opportunity for profit, it doesn't matter as much to me any more than for some so going to put all my rarest Energy Weapon officers with the time reduction on beam special attacks up for sale on the exchange over the weekend to see if I can make a small fortune in ec from nerf countering
  • Thanks, i'll look out for it
  • I have the cross faction heavy escort carriers, they die easier than other ships I have but I like them. Main one i'm still flying is the KDF Qa'tel. They are Tier 6
  • Can i have an invite too please Casperileron [email protected] . I need somewhere to trade my ship. Thanks
  • Yes, jumping in at high level can be tough. New starts you get it gradually. Traits lvl 10, Duty officer system lvl 11, R&D lvl 15, Reputation system lvl 50, Admiralty lvl 52, Specialisation, lvl 60 I think
  • It's quite grindy to get a lvl 51 to 60 if you already completed the episode missions before the cap increase so you might enjoy your new guys more. I'm an exchange trader so i daily play between 6 and 39 of my characters but less than half are combat ready.
  • I actually control three Beta fleets in an Armada, but I was going to invite you to the Alpha fleet as they have more people on this time of day. Active in fleet chat, run events and there is a voice comm but I forget which kind. They won't mind questions, nor do I if you write on the Armada channel as I bounce around…
  • I can invite you to a good fleet that has people online. Message me in-game @wisecasper or let me know where to send the invite
  • I spent all my zen on dilithium for the pheonix packs trying to get the single epic i need for the Kobali ship and failed again. Just finished converting a little dilithium and had enough for a single R&D pack and I got the ship first try :) Not got around to joining the trade channel yet, I will probably trade it though…
  • Hi there I'm also looking for Gamma fleets for a casual armada, I have 4 free Gamma slots in my immediate control and willing to give access to excess fleet store resources to Gamma fleet officers whilst your fleet levels. Starbase T4, Dil Mine T3, Embassy T3, Spire T3, R-Lab T3, K-13 T2 about 25 days to T3 I'm available…
  • I'm still avoiding the crash by doing them one at a time with the delete button rather than the delete selected
  • Sure, they weren't all sitting in my inventory, it's one ship for keys and then recycling everything I get from opening the boxes including the Lobi and grinding a bit more ec for more keys. I was just very lucky. All I have really lost is the one original ship I sold as part of the first trade for keys, a month's…
  • True, been working on that too, but I tend to load and clear it straight away before anyone else has a chance unless they catch it when I'm changing character to grab a few more resources.
  • Don't forget they changed the Ferengi at the Dilithium mine to take immediate trade of preferred dilithium claims for 2,500 fleet or reputation spendable dilithium. It cost me 3 Kelvin constitutions, a Nakhul Acheros and two Lobi ships that I sold for lockbox keys but including a Zen stipend I managed to get enough…
  • It's the regular exchange. Even now cheapest Epic Beam arrays Disruptor viii 4.4mil Polaron viii 4.8mil Antiproton viii 5 mil Plasma ix 5 mil Tetryon vii 6 mil Phaser ix 7 mil
  • It's punishment for using 5 mil worth of stuff for a 30% chance to make something currently selling on the exchange for 3mil to 6mil :smile: