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  • I am pretty sure Tuvok also has some different dialogue for you in the first delta quadrant mission if you are a Vulcan. Anyways in my experience most cross faction missions just treat you like a happy slappy member of the Federation. Even in the ne…
  • I think it would be kind cool if you could disable certain special weapon visuals (ex.. Quantum Phaser, Resonance Disruptor) and make them look like their normal weapon type sort of like you can with shields, engines, ect... by clicking the little e…
  • It means everyone. The Admins like to use the word Captain as a general term meaning players and not necessarily the rank ingame.
  • (Quote) Where do you get a protomatter console? I have never heard of that or even know what it is.
  • I have tried the queue a few times and so far I haven't gotten past round 4 or 5. It seems like the first 3 rounds go pretty easily and then round 4 comes and the Koby loses most of its health from enemy fire if not all of it.
  • It looks like a Nomad Battleship from Freelancer. I haven't really noticed that effect on the red alert boss before.
  • (Quote) Try K3 and K2. That looked pretty close to the Promo shots to me.
  • I finally got to see this episode last night. It was much better then the first episode. I really hate to say this but so far it seems like the show is at its best when Seth McFarland is not on screen. I really hope that changes because I do like hi…
  • After working on it for about 20 minutes this is what I came up with. (Image) Obviously its not perfect. There is no zipper down the middle or lines on the arms for one. There is a belt slot on these uniforms that does not exist on the Orville uni…
  • I dabbled trying to make that uniform too. For me Star Trek The Motion Picture uniform was the closest I could get.
  • I didn't really mind this episode being on the shorter side considering Brushfire was pretty long, especially if you played it on advanced or elite. It was just an appetizer episode to introduce us to La'forge and to give us a hint at what is to com…
  • Can't you just disable the whole voice chat system under options? I didn't even know people used it. Out of the 4 years I've played this game I think I've heard someone on the ingame voice chat once, maybe twice.
  • (Quote) Yeah, The Cardassian arc comes to mind. They love to spam their grenades and your boffs just don't have the ability to roll out of their blast radius. Breen Captains can be a problem too because your officers will just stand there and get n…
  • I don't really know what option to choose because my answer is.... sometimes. I did it for my main federation character, but I haven't done it for any of my other characters. I generally have a brief history for most of my characters jotted in my he…
  • I notice this sometimes too. Recently I started a new klingon toon. I got to level 10 and tried Brushfire on advanced. I got through the first 2 patrols without too much of a struggle. Then I got to the So'na battleship and it wiped the floor with m…
  • Here is something I thought of just this morning. In the Battlezones it would be cool to have the sections that your allies are attacking highlighted on the map so when you enter one in progress you know right where to go.
  • Couldn't Cryptic just solve this easily by removing the time limit and just make the Dreadnaught spawn when you close enough rifts.. say somewhere between 30 and 40? I think they spot spawning after you close 40 rifts anyways.
  • Garak. Among other things the man murdered a Romulan Senator in a plot to get them to join the Dominion War. Sisko may have gone along with it, but it was Garak's idea and he was the one who pulled it off. He knew how to get things done and didn't l…
  • I would swap Code of Honor and These are the Voyages. Theses are the Voyages may be one of the most disappointing episodes in the history of trek, but Code of Honor is just in a league of its own stupidity of a concept. On top of how dumb and racist…
  • (Quote) No, she meant Sunrise. The episode she was describing sounded like Sunrise. She probably just got the episode names mixed up.
  • I'm interested. I really like the uniforms. I do kinda wish they were going with the TNG/DS9 Klingons, but it is not that big of a deal to me. I'm just excited to see some new trek and it looks pretty good. I can't wait to see what they do with it.
  • I would say Armus. Everybody else on that list did do evil things, but only as a means to an end. Armus did evil thing just because he could.
  • Playing as a Borg Drone is fun and all but the fact that all your kit abilities are removed from your hotbar after you respawn completely ruins it for me. They really need to fix that. As for the rest of the instance, it's fun. I enjoy it.
  • IDK, I'll just say all I could think when the Prime minister started talking is that voice is way too young sounding to be coming out of someone looking that old. Other then that it just seems like your normal Federation saves the day mission.
  • Daniels epilogue from the new Mission Survivor isn't voiced either. For some strange reason anytime a new season or big patch comes out voice overs from previous missions have a tendency to disappear. Sometimes Cryptic will then re-add voice overs t…
  • (Quote) I thought that too, but Data was destroyed in Nemesis. so maybe......... B4? Idk.
  • (Quote) Oh, okay I think I remember him now, but I thought it was D'vex or something like that. Anyways that is true with him as some of the Romulan Boffs have unique faces, but I am pretty sure all the Federation and Klingon tutorial boffs are 100…
  • (Quote) I don't remember who D'vak is but can't you just remake T'Vrell out of a purple vulcan science officer?
  • Endothermic Inhibitor Beam can only be acquired through the winter event I believe. It usually takes place from the beginning of December through the middle of January. As for the tricorder interface its just a little decoration science officers get…
  • (Quote) Oh, hmmm. I have no idea what that is, but cool.