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  • Any chance it gets fixed tomorrow? Usually after a messed patch on Thursday - they run another maintenance on Friday to re-fix it COMON GUYS... Fix it pleaseee. I don't play anything now except STO. Most games now are just TOXIC. Full of hatred horror gore and other stuff. And STO remains nice in this area Or do I have to…
  • Me too. I restarted client on Friday and just now. Universal Endevour don't even got timer. That patch on Thursday broke it?
  • New year will be new reward ship. Are you saying that now can't finish it the same year? And all those vouchers I have like 4-5 years old in my collections in bank. All those will be wiped? If they get wiped I better make screen shots
  • So. they could kill admiralty dill next and then we be hung out to dry I am honest player. I NEVER EVER exploit or cheat. I do everything by the book. So, now Dill supply will be reduced. unless it would be given something per 1 char run of the event. If it be like 480-600 From FTO run not many would run it
  • What you mean can't finish new event while it is active?
  • I missed only first event for ground pahvo. I did all of them after that including sompek. on all my 28 chars 20 days in a row 1 after another. I have equipped most of my chars with carriers. I am fan of carriers. Made MK XII R&D weapons and consoles and filled rest of slots with universals. cardassian platforms and so on.…
  • I was swapping my toons to fill over night Admiralty missions. Then it just crashed and I get this every time: Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out AT LAST IT AIN'T JUST ME. I was already thinking my IAP had fiddled with DSN again I hope this gets fixed - I need to run Sompek tomorrow else I…
  • I copyed and pasted his message on doffjobs channel and when i was copying i included his name but when it was pasted only message was posted without name. Si i was told i effectivly ''advertised'' for him here Would it still be OK? I reported the mistake here and on my gm report As I was saying i don't know why name…
  • LOOK ON screenshots. I got 2.6mill and cap is 10mill How can I reach my cap if I am like 7.4mill below it? It was working fine just yesterday now I cn't sell anything and ec. I don't have the cap unlocked that is true, but my ec is way below. This morning when I had this first artefact sold I had like 2MILL here so would…
  • Mision: coliseum on KDF character. When I get to a post where I need to reconfigute power for the satelite. I come to it and interaction button comes on I click it to inpit the code. It gets accepted then click exit. Interaction button disapears and doesn't reappeare again. aYou can click on the station you can look at it…
  • So 1 day ago or so I enter Infected: the conduit Elite. Me and other 4 went to the right after blasting the first cube and spheras. Then 1 guy tels me go to the left abnd start the generators. I go here he says ''you n00b TRIBBLE does too little DPS what set-up you got?'' I say ''x4 Polaron dual heavy cannons front and 4…