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  • You should feel fortunate. You can vaguely make out your ship in this one. Most of the time, you cannot even see that much. :smile:
  • What else is there to try? I guess a better question to ask is what have you not yet tried to help cultivate a base of players who share your goals. Or has it not occurred to you there may be many others out there with a variable play schedule? From reading posts here, it seems like there are others. Have you tried…
  • If acknowledging bad design somehow equates to covering for the Devs, I do not know what to tell you other than you are living in a fantasy world. Sorry, I am not going to continue to do what I can to offer helpful suggestions beyond forum whining.
  • Try harder. Try something different. If what you are doing is not successful, what will ultimately work better for you? Giving up or trying something else?
  • Of course it will never work if you never put in the necessary work to be successful at it. Once again, you are assuming I am not an essential worker and have always had a set play time schedule. I also team with other essential workers regularly and they also have varying play schedules. They do, however, put in some…
  • You are more than welcome to post what you like. I look forward to it. Again, I am not covering for anyone. As I have said many times, some TFOs are very poorly designed, poorly thought out and should be fixed. With that said, offering suggestions that will help alleviate some level of frustration for other players is not…
  • Hey, you go right ahead and keep doing what you are doing. It is quite clear it is working out very well for you given the amount of frustration you have. Very obvious you are abundantly successful at not being successful.
  • Again, not running cover or making excuses for anyone. Offering alternatives and/or workarounds can be helpful to other players until content can be fixed - if that ever happens. It may not be to what you want to hear and there is nothing wrong with that. I will continue to post what I like, thanks.
  • If by wrong you mean demonstrably shown to be right time and again, yes I would agree.
  • Again, believing that Cryptic developers are reading these forums and taking my posts as some sort of gospel to never make changes to broken content is an extremely large, unbelievable leap. I keep mentioning private teams because it works. Clearly complaining on the forums for years about the same issues has not. You are…
  • This gets ignored because it does not fit the narrative of having no choices.
  • You are saying you have no choice by pointing out choices available to you. Not sure that works for your argument. I have to laugh at the "tone" comment. Perhaps you may want to go back and read your own posts again after you have calmed down somewhat. Pay close attention to the ones where you outright insult me - and…
  • I am not running cover for anyone and I am very far from being Cryptic's number one fan. Very far from it. I will guarantee Crytpic is not reading these forums hanging on every word I type here. I have already agreed that poorly designed TFOs should be fixed. All I have been doing and will continue to do is point out a…
  • Well no, I am not trying to discount anyone nor have I said forming a team is easy. I have said the contrary repeatedly. What I have been suggesting is that if people make the choice to run a PUG knowing full well they may get teamed with people who play a way they do not like, they should accept the consequence of that…
  • Oh good grief, just read what you wrote here. Who decided to try and form a team? You. Who decided to run a PUG instead of doing without or doing something else? You. Of course it is a choice.
  • I think there we have a misunderstanding here. I agree that TFOs that can be rendered unable to complete due to AFKers is absolutely a design problem. However, this particular problem is avoided/solved with pre-formed teams where you know no one will be AFK. It does not fix the design flaws, only offers a proven workaround…
  • Totally agree. I would also add weighing what is more important to you as an individual with regard to play experience.
  • I am not sure AFK players is a good example for what you are trying to convey here as a counter argument to private queues. If you are on a private team with people you know and no one is AFK, then being AFK does not cause problems for anyone on that team. In this instance, private teams with known people solves the…
  • It is absolutely not an assumption that people decide for themselves to form private teams or not. No one is forcing anyone to run PUG queues if they do not want to.
  • I did not make any assumptions. You are as you have misread my post. I said regardless of time of day, there are others online with whom you can look to form a team with. I made no guarantees for success in anyone reciprocating communication and teaming up together. I wholeheartedly agree with you. People should follow…
  • One of the most wonderful things about this forum is that all players are free to share their opinions on any given topic. You and I may have different views, however I would never, ever suggest that you should not be able to express yourself here. Your suggesting I should stop posting speaks volumes about you. To answer…
  • Sorry but unless you are the sole person logged into the game server, there are others around for you to look to form a team with, regardless of time of day. I also have varying play schedules from time to time so I can empathize it is not always a quick thing to form a team. You are welcome to PM me and add me to your…
  • How did you find those other really good groups you admitted you already belong to? Was finding those somehow different than finding others? Clearly finding a group is not the impossible task you are suggesting it is since you have admitted you belong to some really good groups already.
  • I never once suggested forming pre-made teams is easy. It does take a degree of effort. Regardless of whether you are on at peak times or not, there are other players logged in and most certainly there are active groups on no matter the time.
  • And of course it is followed by the commensurate "I am too lazy and cannot be bothered to do anything to improve my own situation, so program something for me" response. Preformed teams avoid having to deal with AFK players or others who do not play the way you like. As always, were people to put a fraction of the time…
  • Have you ever tried forming your own team of players you know?
  • Ever try forming your own team of like minded, competent players to run these?
  • Do you honestly believe exchange whales only have 1 character on 1 account?
    in Well shoot Comment by valoreah May 17
  • ^ This. This would be a very good start in my opinion.
    in Well shoot Comment by valoreah May 14
  • In my experience there is a whole lot more EC in the game now than there was before. Nothing will prevent whales with cargo holds filled with EC from buying up promo ships and selling them above the new exchange limit.
    in Well shoot Comment by valoreah May 14