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  • But you get access to the "Captain's Table"!!! /sarcasm EDIT: In fact, the more I think about it, how is this in any way a "subscription"? Here is the breakdown of stuff: With the exception of a handful of things, everything else here is basically what you would find in a "pack". So the "LTS" grants access to the Captain's…
  • What saddens me the most is that I have no one at my work that I could share that with... :(
  • Well, it is canon.
  • Meh, photons be darned, he doesn't need them anymore. ;) http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Light_Fantastic
  • Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for any kind of tactical advantage here. I'm strictly PvE which is easy enough anyways, I just enjoy the aerobatics so dang much! It really gives space combat a "dogfight" feeling, would be nice to have the maneuverability just for fun. :) I think a mix of the above would be cool: 7…
  • I specced out mine with a tac pilot and sci pilot running a bunch of the new abilities... Seriously, with new ship mechanics and new Boff abilities, this feels like a whole new game. Very refreshing! LOVE Lock Trajectory! Also, the Kolvoord Starburst when calling in reinforcements is pretty cool looking. I wonder if it…
  • As I am pretty much in the same boat (pun intended, Kumari), this is great news! Thanks everyone, I am off to buy now. :)
  • Not that this really matters, but most retailers offer this sort of "price adjustment" on any normally priced item (not clearance, etc) within 7-14 days, some longer. http://www.kiplinger.com/article/spending/T050-C011-S001-retailers-that-offer-price-adjustments.html
    in Second Time! Comment by trypwyr May 2015
  • Funny thing is, most stores will refund you the difference if it goes on sale within a certain time. Hell, Amazon even proactively refunded me the diff on a game I bought a while back. I just bought the Vesta 3-pack about 4 days ago, I feel your pain OP. Now I'm out 1000 zen and three upgrade tokens. Seriously, it would be…
    in Second Time! Comment by trypwyr May 2015
  • Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "PvE and PvP" mean everything in the game? In that case then, yeah, there wouldn't be much point to buying anything... EDIT: Beat me to it, baudl!
  • First it was the leveling in DR: players didn't do it "the right way". Now we aren't earning our bonus dilithium "the right way". Yet again, Cryptic decides we are playing their game wrong and they need to correct us.
  • I searched the first two pages of the General Discussion forum and came across one oblique reference in another thread. But besides that, paying customers are supposed to go looking for hidden answers? Wouldn't it be more prudent of a company to have a small notification to players saying "FYI, there are some known issues…
  • I have a character with a goatee. Who knew that trying to put on a hat would remove the options for his beard? Seriously, this is just poor design in the character builder. Having radically different options under "off-duty" or "uniform" just screws everything up. What started out as "let's wear a hat", has now turned into…
  • Very nice. Just like any new zone, it's a little confusing at first, but it will become second nature to navigate and it's already amazingly better than the old map. Need to make Earth look better out the windows... this has been said above with more technical knowledge than I possess, but I wanted to second the thought.…
  • Nah, check out Stephen Baxter's "The Time Ships", it explains it all... and there's even a Dyson Sphere!! :D
  • Whatever one feels about the show, the NX-01 is a ship appreciated visually by many. The refit version done by Doug Drexler is a great evolution of the original ship, showing the design progression to the Constitution class ship and beyond. As for it not being canon, how many ships in the game are canon?? Speaking of,…
  • Well, Voyager sensors detected the Omega particle, hence the Directive taking over the ship. Perhaps the Jenolan sphere particles were so well shielded from the Ent-D's sensors that it didn't detect them. However, ships in 2409 have better sensors and are able to penetrate the shielding on the spheres, now detecting what…
  • Yup, same here. Can't get the "payload" because I can't see the thing! Brilliant. I wonder what's going on over in TOR today... :mad:
  • Seconded! And yes, I think it should only be for seasonal ships, specific to the "season" (i.e. winter ships only, etc).
  • Ditto. It would be nice if they would add a vendor or rep project that would take one unpacked ship and give you the other... HINT HINT. Heck, I'd even be willing to pay an additional dilithium "convenience" fee, it would be better than having this ship that I worked a month for and can't do anything with...
  • Yup. I came here to simply see if others were experiencing this... fun. It was bad enough when you would get one set of results by using "Any quality", then another (sometimes significantly cheaper) set of results if you set the specific quality. Now you can't even use the quality drop-down, it simply returns zero results!…
  • Huh... glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem. NOT so glad to see that it made it to Holodeck and still isn't fixed.
  • Being an IT guy, I love it when a user comes up to me and says "Everything is slow, is the server down?" Um... all of us here do realize that there isn't just "a server", right? Oh well, time to go read a book.
  • Being an IT guy, I loe it when a user comes up to me and says "Everything is slow, is the server down?" Um... all of us here do realize that there isn't just "a server", right? Oh well, time to go read a book.
  • Gasko Blues mission: Tobol. Lose the VISOR. It just looks bad, especially in the contact window where it moves when he makes different facial expressions. It really shouldn't bend when he frowns.... At the end of the mission when you beam all the survivors to your ship, the contact screen with Khev comes up right before…
  • *Belly clap* Well stated. Make it an alt skin to the Akira/Armitage if you have to... I just want to fly that NX-01.5!
  • I read a suggestion in another thread (sorry to whoever posted it, I can't remember): Let us purchase a trophy for our ship. I'd keep doing the race, even tho I just got my ship, if I could get an actual framed and autographed picture of Q for my ready room. Bonus if it's Amanda "Q" Rogers... ;)
  • You know, I've wondered about this for quite a while now... since the new ESD debuted, in fact. We know that the tech exists to allow a visual effect caused by the proximity of your ship (example: docking doors on ESD) and even an automatic map change. Why not be able to fly into the TW gate in sector space and get a…
  • Even if you see the Red Alert popup, 9 times out of 10 you will warp in only to warp out again... Would really be nice to see this fixed so we can complete this "Daily" more than "Weekly"... :rolleyes:
  • Serious crock of Craptic. If you look at the item information screen, nothing indicates that these cost fleet credit and it even shows a value in EC. Not too far-fetched to imagine that someone could (way too) easily not realize that they cost FC, especially since everything else in the replicator costs EC. Now I'm a…