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  • Oh right, I've done that, I merely completely forgot about it. Which is weird because I remember thinking how interesting it was. Maybe I was just distracted by the sight of destruction everywhere, I dunno.
  • Ahh I see, I might not have gotten that far yet then. Don't get me wrong, the Romulan storyline and faction is one of the most interesting to play, and I can see my Rom beign a frequently used character even when the rom missions are caught up with. I was just wondering out loud how things were set up.
  • Indeed. When I had heard about the choice to join either side, I thought it would be in a situation where you decided for the entirety of the Republic which one side they would be allied with, I hadn't realised they only wanted your personnal alliance. Maybe it's to explain why you got romulans in the KDF side, when you're…
  • Except you have to buy th faction ships with the normal amount of dilithium, so they're completely optional, whereas only the rommie ships are free. So yeah, it's actually pretty okay.
  • I understand how annoyed everyone is since it happens every huge patch, but it can't just have been me who sees how trivial this hate is? In about 2 or 3 days, the queues will be all but gone, and no-one will care about this anymore. SHOULD cryptic improve things for next time? Absolutely, I'm not saying they shouldn't. Is…
  • Lol good point. You have to admit though, at least into darkness takes itself a little more seriously. There's slightly less (well, more classy) fanservice with ladies, and a lot of the plot is to do with politics, personal agendas, subterfuge, conspiracy and revenge as opposed to "Oh no robot invasion, our robuts needs to…
  • I loved it too, and I can't help but think of most nitpicks as just that, people looking for reasons to hate the movie and not caring that a lot of people actually liked it. I wouldn't mind if they just said "I don't like this movie. I have no reason for it, it's just not for me, it might be good but i'm very biased and…
  • I think I have won, therefore I have.
  • Here's a handy blog with visual comparisonsl. It's a pretty neat post.
  • I actually use parts from all of the variants, it looks pretty good together. But you're right, what we have now isn't really THAT much of a difference from the JJ connie. I guess we don't really need it anyway :)
  • I think I might have heard that reason before actually, ahh well, I am a bit of an airhead. Thanks then, I guess a souped up hot rod enterprise in space was never meant to beee. Except in the movies of course.
  • I am shocked and appalled by whatever it is that you are implying :P I don't even know that it exists, I've never been on. But now I must know whether it was truth or if they were just lying... oh nooo D:
    in StoWiki Comment by tinman56 May 2013
  • A friend managed to stumple upon one "hotmale.com" while trying to check their emails.
    in StoWiki Comment by tinman56 May 2013
  • That looks a lot like the stretch warp effect from the new trek films. I like it :D I was quite proud of this one: Cool guys never look at explosions. Even cooler guys do it suffering heavy battle damage :cool:
  • C'mon Epohh, get off the console, I'm trying to work.
  • If ya don't like "Pointless grinding",I'm afraid ya got the wrong game ;P
  • Some of the music in this game is simply incredible, I wouldn't mind some sort of soundtrack :)
  • What happened to the video offers? They were among the only things that actually worked :confused:
  • Personally never used emergency power to Auxilery myself- don't really care for aux power, but as I start to get deeper into the PVP game I may change my mind.
  • ^ Lost < WON v Lost
  • I like to think the events of the episode actually happened. When she rematerialized for real, her spirit returned to the transporter pad in the past, and since that second shuttle never needed to go down (as far as I remember) the aliens simply never had a chance to get on board the ship. Although this does mean there's a…
  • Superman. Cat or Dog?
  • I've only just started my 1 ep a day a few weeks back :P I'm doin it chronologically though, started from enterprise and going from there. Have movies been done here yet?
  • The backwater? Maybe normally, but considering it's pretty much the main battlezone between the KDF and the Federation, with battles being waged in every system, these starbases are the only logical step.
  • 10/10 for the sig. Gotta love the long range explorer class, and the nice picture of the captain helps
  • Maybe if you wanted, you could stretch this to being "a joke", but anything that helps raise awareness of anything can hardly be called sick. Someone takes this ad simply for zen, then realises that these symptoms might apply to them. Casual or hardcore gamer, this is a good thing.
  • Pfft I'm only listening 'cause of my secret phobia of shark riding bazooka wielding dinos :rolleyes:
  • The Parrot says GTFO: This win is Tinman's :cool: EDIT: FFFFF you can change avatars again???
  • My computer -> Local disc -> Program files -> Cryptic Studios -> star trek online -> Live -> screenshots. Hope that helped :tongue: You should make a shortcut and put it on the desktop, it'll make for easy access.
  • Touche. Or should I say... :cool: ...WINche