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  • the miranda is present in a lot of episodes/movies.
  • I use the miranda (T6 reliant and the fleet malachowski), but for me, it is too expensive just for a skin (nice one btw), because I don't need the other stuff. I would like to be able to buy the skins and only the skins unlockable in the ship tailor, as I don't want and need more ships, that would be interesting for me.…
  • I'm not going to create a new TOS toon, I would do only the additional/modified contents.
  • now you no longer need this weapon to fight the borg, they are so weak right now that any weapon is good against them, + there are all the kit modules that instantly kill everyone. the borg in space and on ground are the most ridiculous foe, that we can encounter, in fact they are pathetic.
  • I agree, I play since 2013 or 2014, I have created a lof of characters, deleted a lot of them too and each time i try to make them differents; that means new builds, new ground stuff etc. Like i said without the phoenix upgrade, I would stop to create new characters. The dps race is not my way of playing, so i don't care…
  • for me, the phoenix box is a dil sink. I like to create new builds, and try a lot of stuff. Without the phoenix upgrades, i would stop to do it. So, it was a good decision to make them available all the time. the R&D system wasn't a good dil sink, because a punishment can't be incentive: excessive costs, cooldown too long…
  • well, at least, the engine can handle without difficulties the bundles. If it is possible to create missions (Arc missions) with ground and space in the same mission, with a little bit of effort, a similar tfo could be done. yes, I know for the reman base, but the map was interesting, not the base. Less gravity was funny,…
  • I don't know for the first one. But, the others have only undergone minor modifications; they are basically the same since my first day in this game (2013 or 2014). you have to do the same thing, with the same goals to achieve. They removed cool missions to "enhance" the game (I miss the old mission on on a low gravity…
  • not "added", but I would like to see a total revamp of all the tfos over 5 years old, or replaced them with some kind of missions like in swtor (heroic and flashpoint), that would be cool
  • ok, but when you modify a model, you often have to change also the anims :) I was a 3d modeler/texturer in an other life.
  • don't touch the anims unless you have a specialist; the modification of the feminine stance was disastrous. for the rest, i personally don't care because I don't hope for anything anymore and there is nothing interesting.
  • more stuff to do alone in space and on ground ( with only our boffs), I'm tired by this crazy dps fest. No one should be able to destroy a tac cube in a handful of seconds, same thing for all the elite ships (voth citadel etc) I like difficult and very very difficult fights even if I died 1,2,3 or 10 times. At least there…
  • vaadwaurs are one of the most interesting foes to fight on ground. Because against them, you have to learn; how to fight them. But in this game, efforts/learning are forbidden, only matters the easy pew pew against slow and stupid foes.
  • +1 but not in outfit, because the boffs can't use outfit costumes
  • the bio-engineered furiadon in the phoenix store at Ultra rare would have been a big dil sink. this dino is useful, cool and funny. And the chance of getting an UR token like you said, is so small that this dino would have siphoned a huge amount of dilithium. Because players like pets and combat-pets.
  • there is a free kit module interesting, the one from "uneasy allies": you can also train your boffs to temporal skills like Paradox Bomb (mini grav well) and uncertainty burst (foes are Confused for several seconds).:…
  • i'm not concerned by these modifications, because I don't use admiralty and endeavours all the time, only when I want or motivated. Admiralty is too boring to do it all the time and for the endeavours, I take my time, if i'm not intested by something or I don't want to do them, then I do something else. I'm rather…
  • could you update the lethean with a costume like this one, and make available the hood used by some letheans in sto:
  • most of the lobi costumes are very old, most of them have glitches or streching textures; they don't worth 200 lobi, their zen cost should be adjusted.
  • i'm not anti-discovery, I like almost everything, excepted the way how burnham's character is written. that becomes really difficult to give an opinion without being bothered by surly and often unnecessary comments.
  • i would like to play a bad guy, but really a bad guy. tired to be the savior of the galaxy. I don't like discovery for this reason, burhnam is the ultimate savior, not only for the galaxy, but the universe, the multiverse etc. this show should have its name changed to Star Trek Burnham: me, myself and I.
  • i'm going to pass this event, i have only 1000 points for the event campaign, and i'm a tired to do events day after day. it becomes really boring.
  • there are also the mudd's outfit (the boots are cool), the talaxian clothes (the 2 jackets are very interesting), the kelvin kdf uniform, even the borstaqu boots can be interesting, they have a cowboy style :p sadly a lot of interesting clothes are lobi
  • I agree. I spend a lot of time to create cool characters, i would be happy to buy more stuff for them. BUT without clipping and stretched textures. During 1 of the new klingons missions when we are on Nimbus with Wilkins and Co (in the club), there is a dude with a cool miner backpack.
  • I wanted to respond to your your blabla, but like i don't want to be unpolite or rude, i wouldn't do it. Because being silent is also a proof of intelligence back to topic: I would like a mini-faction of smugglers, bounty hunters (kdf and romulan sides). Already asked a long time ago, though. the drozana station or one of…
  • Just a question; Who exactly are you to judge other people's ideas with such arrogance?
  • and if these players exist, and they must also stay longer enough in the game for having an impact on the economy. Nothing is done to keep new players, who try STO after having watched discovery (excepted if they just want a basic disco toon- fed or kdf) or picard.
  • it is a nonsense. some stuff are canon and can be sold in the c-store and some other stuff from the same tv shows are not canon, and must be sold in the gamble boxes? And you blindly believe what cryptic says? seriously? in my opnion, the cbs plot is bs. end of the discussion for me; cryptic will never give answers and i'm…
  • at your last question, you did: "It also makes sense economically. All of the stuff your characters would have access to, in canon"
  • do you have evidences? And no it is not economically intelligent, because they loose a lot of potential customers who like the shows and don't want to spend their time in the game to grind for dil, ec, lobi etc, and don't even try. if you want to create a 32c character, well good luck. everything is overpriced, and the…