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  • Its even more confusing than that. TNG (Including the movies as you can get Tier 6 Sov), DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I fell for the temptation, blew my zen (I didn't buy any it was unused lifetime zen) and got lobi and packs, so yeah I'm a sucker. I do have some lobi now though tempted to buy some section 31…
  • Its head canon but could the 2 organisations still exist with close links? Starfleet with the bigger ships and UESPA sending out probes?. I mean space is crazy big, even with probes and starships you will never get it all.
  • I do wonder with the rumours that the picard series will touch on it, if we might get some work on romulans and new romulus
  • Either would be nice to have but I have long come to terms with what is required to get them. Am saving up for the big discovery pack though, could only hope they be added to that (I wish lol)
  • I would like something really original, like being to play as a reformed iconian or something (May be even letting you play through some of the iconican war arc as an iconian) Or a mirror universe expansion where you can play as the evil version of YOUR captain. It could be borg but I don't see that being game changing…
  • I have to say that although I liked the second season, I preferred season 1 (Which I watched twice at least). I actually liked burnham in season 1 as she was actually flawed. By the end of season 2 I actually want her to disappear because she spends season 2 becoming more and more irritating. Also there is more than a hint…
  • Am I the only one to look at the DSC D7 and Discovery side by side and think that out of respect for the crossfield, the Klingons designed the D7?. Its a heck of a retcon but if you remove the saucer its very D7 like. Also I wonder if they may use the DSC Connie as an option to boost CBS Access subscriptions prior to ST…
  • The TOS enterprise has always looked more advanced than the NX because its cleaner, more crisp. You cant see the hull plating or the seams so to speak as its built soo well. I cant believe I'm going to say this but on reflection the interior does too (sure the graphics/monitor screens maybe but that's an effects issue with…
  • I would welcome a Klingon version of the new discovery starter pack though
  • Your absolutely right that customers do have the right to express their opinions and as long as they do so in the eloquent manner that you did its fine. What a lot are doing is just "TRIBBLE is (insert expletive) it should be cancelled and removed from STO" which is no different to other flaming posts and does not belong…
  • Experimentation used to be ok back in the day when it was before we started facing ships who had powers we didn't get. Then they started with enemies with powers other than weapons that we cannot get which tend to cause a lot of visual spam and require tactics to beat. You don't get taught tactics you have to either trial…
  • Yeah that's the biggest problem.
  • The only shuttle mission I can ever recall having big issues with was the romulan ground attack mission against the walkers (not the TFO) I have no idea how many times I died doing that. I think each walker was pretty much a suicide run. I haven't played operation gamma since doing it on my TOSling in the TS shuttle but I…
  • Totally agree I am really looking forward to it to be honest. I understand that a lot of people don't like DSC which makes me sad but that's their right to feel that way. All I'd ask is that people give the content ago (Because tbh at the moment the content has 1 main cast voice actor and one that was in like err 3…
  • It does, that's my biggest gripe with discovery Klingons. The mouth and the eyes are all that actually moves. Actors like Saru can do it as they know how to counter the latex. None of the Klingons really do.
  • I wonder if they will have a DSC Transporter affect
  • Ok, how about the game has the sort of wiki and guides for certain things built into the ship itself. Its never going to build for you but give unbiased advice for what you can do and what is available. You could even add it into the current ship interior/bridge to give them more purpose. Or if you wanted to have a build…
  • Ooh I cant remember that, which episode was it?
  • Those are some truly beautiful ships, especially the discovery. I am actually expecting at some point for the Klingons to base the D7 partly on discovery during the series.
  • Please don't stereotype people, its not nice and its not clever. And it isn't Star Trek.
  • I think it took me maybe 15 mins the first time round for the jumpy bit. I actually replayed dust to dust yesterday and only fell off twice. On the hardest setting.
  • There is no list as such but it does mention in the post that you can create a character from a few discovery era races.
  • I have been wondering about how this will fit into STO as I cant see how you could create a new STO character in the Discovery era and then bring them from the past Klingon war into the future Klingon war. I wonder if they might have a separate discovery era map like they did with AoY but you either don't leave it, or…
  • So the "canon" version would occasionally have a proc where the ship stops responding and transwarps to the nearest borg vessel. That could actually be fun the first few times...
  • Oddly I replayed Night of the Comet where your ship is holo cloaked as a d7. I have probably played that mission 7 times and its the first I have noticed my weapons changed to. They were still phasers but they looked and sounded like Klingon disruptors, same for the photon torpedoes.
  • I totally agree. I have a full cardassian crew in the uniforms but I want the weapons for the full effect. I intend to buy the cardassian pack as a birthday treat to me but I really want the weapons. As a minor aside has anyone come across a cardassian fleet?