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  • @where2r1 I am using the torp and on the console only. They set bonus has never worked for me. I noticed a month before this post, in the patch notes that they fixed it. But it is still broken for me. I submitted tickets then and now. All go unanswered. I would love to try with the other pieces. However, I am not going to…
  • Hello? It has been over a year. The in game ticket and ability has yet to be addressed???
  • All they would have to do, is add in teh kar'fi's improved mpulse engines to all teh frigates/fighters. Not sure why they have not done this. It would make carriers a much more viable ship, which would increase sales.
  • I have been trying to get the devs to put the kar'fi "improved impulse emgines" on to EVERY frigate. every frigate is useless compared to fighters for this reason. go to 14km. Launch fighters/kar'fi frigates, and they ZOOM off to engage. ANY other frigate slow boats and takes a full minute to get into range.
  • someoen reported on the champions online forums, they cnanot connect to the patch server either....i even tried launcging directly, with out arc...still could not connect.
  • crashed several times while transfering maps. game would jsut freeze up. Autoupdater not connecting for relog. -.- But hey, I am sure they will release a new lock box or super rare ship soon!
  • Or, they could save everyone a ton of time and effort, and just make the ships/keys/boxes avail on the server. Seeing as some ships/boxes are only avail even on holodeck for tens of millions of ec. or not avail at all.
  • No, I have not forgotten that. Which is why I am sure most shields never stay offline that long. But the point I was making, was cold and soul were saying that i was making stuff up, because it is 5 sec not 14. But that is what brings me back to the original point of the thread. I wish that we could try the ships out. Had…
  • Vonph drain 454, reverberation offline 16.4 sec Fleet Pralim drain 299, reverberation offline 12.5 sec When in orbit, around ESD. I brought up the traits window while in my primary drain Vonph, and my Pralim. When reading th description of reverberation. It clearly states. Shield subsystem offline for X seconds. Those…
  • Oh well. I was hoping. I have found so many things that in game are either broken, do not work right, or sound great, but in reality are just gimmicks. Like the Amarie ship trait. Trait says it will bring the enemy shields down for 14 or so seconds. Never have i seen shields go down for that long.Usually just a couple of…
  • I am wholeheartedly in favor of this idea. However, As an exclusive carrier captain. I have to say, pet AI is TRASH, ABSOLUTE TRASH. Baltim raiders - activate gateway upon launch, therefore not having it in combat. callisto - stay in red alert so long, and are super slow to engage. Hitting recall, and ships do not dock up,…
  • I wish i could refund my elite callistos. When I go into Red alert borg, I liek to park my Jup under 15km and send in the minions. My elite scorps take off right away toward the borg cubes and engage. The Elite callistos, have this tendancy to drift off to teh left or the right and eventually, maybe, might, turn and…
  • I am a total Atrox fan girl. I just rescently aquired a jem dread and i am mothballing it and going back to my Atrox (mainly cause at 8k dil a day, will take me a month just to buy teh parts i need for it). Since the Atrox has such a slow turn rate and is designed to be a science ship only. I made it into a torp ship. That…
  • If i may throw my two cents into all of this. I was reading through and was reading comments like "Captial weapons hitting paper thin armored fighters....etc". I am a HUGE Star trek fan. I remember the space battles. Specifically watching the Defiant twist and turns and dodge ALL kinds of incoming fire. I also agree with…
  • While i think your ideas are very well thought out and good. I am a hardcore Atrox pilot. I would much prefer the developers to rework the Atrox. She was built to be a carrier by the Caitan. Yet every other carrier in the game is better in every way. Universal slots, more weapons, frigate class fighters, everything. Lets…
  • I am not sure adding a "New" Carrier is necesarily needed. I for one am pushing for a refit of the Atrox. I LOVE my Atrox. I love the look especially. What I would personally like to see is the ATrox getting refit. Other carriers have universal bridge officer slots. But the klingons and the jem can also launch frigates.…