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  • Costumes, why not.
    Body parts, dammit jim he's a tailor not Dr Moreau!
  • The closest to parking I've seen was from some poor sod that was being spawn camped by the badly placed enemy spawns getting killed over and over until they asked for help. Or when the rescue spawns bug and there's naff all else to do but park up an…
  • The afk penalty has always been based off the simplest metric how much pewpew which is why there's the odd moan about overgeared epeen strokers going into normal level tfo's and shredding everything in sight. The remangled version of the nebula does…
  • It's not so much a case of the spawns are still a problem as it is they made it much, much worse. For the bonus they only had to tweak the spawn weighting so as to prevent the game from unavoidable failure. Assuming its not properly fixed I can see …
  • Can we get the old version of nebula back, 3 ships spawned for rescue during a single run.
    Total waste of time.
  • Presumably it was a test for how much keech and nonsense they can put on screen before the latest geriatric hamster falls off the wheel (or the player is suitably indoctrinated into gambleboxing via subliminal messages hidden within the visual junk …
  • That gets worse if you have multiple accounts as some missions refuse to let you group up.

    Most of the rewards being just marks and dil never really seem all that rewarding, especially for the stupid timesinky nature of ranking up in adm…
  • Unless they had footage from the live game (not tribble or any internal test server) to show as an example I'd be wary about simply taking their word for it when opening the gamblebox based ship choice.
  • Whu nads spollin wen yuv prupheshnals en shorje.

    Good thing that the endorians aren't small teddybears or disney would be out for blood.
  • I say this time and again that the devs focus on power creep and horizontal difficulty plane just makes it a worthless epeen chasing endeavour. Until they actually add in content that demands a player push their gear upgrading and creeping is just a…
  • Nah, a ship like that would end up being a promo level gamblebox or limited time muggs market ship rather than a mere token upgrade.
  • It'd be nice it the t6-uxsuperfancyhonestitsnotpowercreep token gave carriers the option to use the new slot as a bay (or 2ndry deflector) instead of a console. Carriers need something to bring them more inline with other ships after the waters got …
  • They could alternate between the two for regular "stuff" but then you'd no doubt see the choicier items being deliberately held back so they end up slotted into muggs side of the rotation.

    Event ships could easily be both given how rare …
  • Yup, opened the forums and was told to wait while I was being logged out, went through the captcha thing twice (correctly both times) and it stopped the process there.

    Sometimes refreshing the page just has me logged in but this time jus…
  • If the bonus number has dropped and timer staying the same I'm assuming that the spawn randomiser hasn't been tweaked since the old numbers were very doable if the game actually gave players the opportunity to get enough points. Probably a good thin…
  • Might be able to find the video by checking youtubes watched history.
    Assuming you were logged in anyways.
  • This year the rocket building seems to be bugged way more often than previous years. Out of LTS, F2P and PS4 accounts I've had one round where everyone was properly shown. First couple of days on PC I ran boozeman to get some batleth kills, single r…
  • If a ship doesn't need to move from a spot then why should it? Especially for lane defense type scenarios.

    My romulans t'laru has a couple of omni's in the back, torps up front and is very much a ship that gets parked up for barrage. The…
  • Way way way past due on a temporal recruit rerun.

    I still have some delta recruits incomplete from the original run of this.
  • Some sort of consistency with where the hangars appear would make it look a bit more professional.

    If you happen to run a carrier with the firefart trait it does help to manually stagger the pet spawns so its once every 5 seconds rather …
  • Totally meaningless, you can get a maxxed out rocket that blows on the pad while one thats only got a hull somehow goes hundreds of feet into the air.

    Part of the reason a lot of folk will simply afk the entire thing or do a token one of…
  • Ran boozeman on my ps4 klink recruit and discovered that cryptic STILL hasn't seen fit to apply the updated batleth that PC got weeks before it arrived, which itself has been weeks and a couple of patches ago by this time for consoles.
  • If anyone still going for melee kills on a klink recruit bozeman will net you in the region of 100 a run if you park the boffs out the way so you only have seven to contend with for kills. On PC at least.

    Shelved my ps4 recruit because t…
  • The ability to "date" an escort seems like something for a more adult themed game.
  • Maybe he got to play operation repost before doing his lines, if he'd had to voice synthwave all we'd have heard from him would be snoring noises.
  • Clearly it will be a blind date as by the time it goes live the game will have devolved into a semi-sentient visual blob obscuring everything on screen.
  • (Quote)
    All I could recall was that the clone was referred to as being someone's mother but the story had lost my interest by that point which is why I put the ? in brackets after. Julie is being given far too much leniency given how she a…
  • Between the talky bits going on forever and being forced into melee combat while controlling julie, who's only melee is the rifle butt, that monastery mission was really tedious. Story by that point was meaningless given how she's yet another baddie…
  • Mugs market is only an option for someone that's is desperate to get a ship and is so intent on getting it they don't care about the giving away a kidney or firstborn child to get the thing.

    The cheaper option for traits from faction spe…
  • Any disco klink is just painful to listen to, sounds like they're trying to talk whilst trying not to gag with a mouthful of marbles. I do wonder if their voice "coach" took the idea from a round of chubby bunnies.

    Cryptic have never man…