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  • Hello. The fleet is still going strong and still recruiting. We have several RP story lines going, not all KDF but most are, and we have a diverse bunch of characters. Come to our site, and see if our KDF RP fleet is for you. http://orderofthewatchmen.shivtr.com/
  • I've been in this fleet for just over a month and wanted to put in a good word. They are nice people who are sympathetic to IRL concerns, have healthy senses of humor, help out new players and do their best to create good RP. If you are not into role playing, these guys are not for you, but if you want an RP heavy KDF…
  • Hi. Thanks for the reply. My first toon already has a fleet now. I'll consider you guys for my second toon when I get around to making it. :)
  • LOL No. Klingons hate tribbles and tribbles hate Klingons. We all know know this. Besides, you think rouge fleet invites are bad now? EGADS! Can you imagine them once the tribble fleet gets a foothold?
  • Thank you, icsairguns. I am likely to shoot you an in game PM. As for acting like a Klingon, I am always ready for a good natured roue with a Fed or two. I'm interested in an RP heavy KDF fleet. I am also new and would like help getting my feet under me. I'm interested in both PVE and PVP, bat'leth tournaments in…
  • Thanks again for your responses. Although I might like a more rp heavy fleet, I was just thinking about the Day of Honor while making dinner and remembering a broadcast I did on a small college radio station for it. The broadcast was a flop, unfortunately, but the idea of having rp heavy events on Klingon holidays ROCKS!…
  • Thanks for the quick response! Do you RP on STO?
  • I'm a new player myself looking for a KDF fleet. I have a special disdain for random fleet invites. Last night, I got a invite to join a fleet styled after a Klingon house. A Klingon does not randomly invite someone to join her house. Being invited to a house is a great honor, and joining a house is an even greater…
  • New player in the market for a Klingon fleet here. Do you guys mind helping newbies w/ missions, offering advice on builds etc? Also, how RP heavy are you? And what do you mean by "family-friendly?" I mean, what sort of behavior of conversation or role play subjects would be off limits?
  • Hello. New player in the market for a Klingon specific fleet here. I like that you are LGBT[...] positive. Are you an RP fleet? Also, I'm new and have an extraordinary habit of getting blown out of the stars. Do you help newbies get started, give help w/ missions and advice of ships and space battles and the like? Do you…
  • Does this fleet have much in the way of RP? Also, I'm a new player constantly getting my space fairing ridged forehead handed to me on a silver platter, so what do you guys have in the way of helping newbies get our feet under us?