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  • I would love if my Romulan Embassy Boff could wear the standard Rom Republic uniform.
  • Well the spiral wave disruptors were the icing on the cake. Love em. But, see folks are even dischaging them ships. Bring on the Cardies!
  • Well as an owner of a Galor and Keldon ship it would not bother me in the slightest if a Cardassian faction had access to those ships. The whole reason I have them is because I made a Cardassian with the Alien option. To play as a true Cardassian would be a dream come true. (Besides, I really don't see many Galors or…
  • I was looking at the calendar in game. I clicked under December and there's a picture of DS9 and the date is December 1999. The date the show ended I believe. Could be something coming soon. Maybe DS9 revamp?
  • I'd go with Constellation as they have the Yorktown station already. I really like your art, especially the Reliant version you made. Looks like a "hot rod" Miranda. Sleek, yet tough if that makes sense.
  • Change was TNG. Change was creating new characters in a new timeline with new stories and not beholden to the past. KT is not change. It's a coverband playing the greatest hits of someone who already did it better. Just because they have Spock scream "Khaaaan!" in STID makes it "fresh" You are delusional. Just because they…
  • They don't pander to diehard fanbois? Really? The KT films were nothing, but uninspired pandering. Look the Enterprise! Look the original crew! Look it's Leonard Nimoy! Look it's a tribble! Look it's Khan! Look the Klingons! But, ours are much cooler. All delivered in an unimaginitive package. The plot for all three films…
  • Ok not civil war. I was thinking of something else.
  • I think it was mentioned that the Klingons settled other planets in the past and their evolution was influenced by their new enviroment. Of course it could simply be a matter of someone in production saying "wouldn't Klingons be cooler if they had...". I can see why some are not happy with the look. Some people were not…
  • Well, sorry to spoil it for you angrytarg. I'll remember the spoiler tags in the future. In all seriousness I'm not saying this isn't the Prime timeline. But, I'm also saying that they could be telling an untruth. That's quite a devolution of technology and shift in aesthetic in a ten year period. Perhaps time travel is…
  • There is a new specialization coming, Miracle Worker I believe. I can see them selling another Galaxy Class that is class specific with the bridge. Seems like something they would do. Buy the ship unlock the bridge.
  • I don't have a lot of hope for the Han Solo spin off. Wouldn't mind an Obi Wan film with Ewan.
  • And you still keep changing the subject from my point. How do we get from the sleek technology of Discovery to the now retro 60's sci-fi look of the TOS? If this is THE prime universe. I asked for your thoughts or theories but you have none. Because this does look like a reboot. Which AGAIN is FINE with me but they should…
  • I never said it upset me. I just pointed out it was not the truth. Justify it all you want it is not the truth. Can you not wrap your mind around that? Or is the truth a foreign concept to you as well? My point is folks in Hollywood will lie and justify it meaning they could be telling half truths or untruths even now.…
  • Maybe truth is a foreign concept to you. Point is they can tell a lie and justify it. Okay maybe lie is too harsh but it's not hte truth never the less. I'm just curious if this is prime universe how we get from the slick technology of Discovery to the buttons and flashing lights of TOS. Explain that, maybe you have an…
  • He still lied no matter how you spin it.
  • I do understand what a surprise is. Even a lame one you could see a million miles away. Just figured you might be Kurtzman seeing I hit a nerve.
  • Look all I'm saying it will be interesting to see how we get from the DSC uniforms to capris and mini skirts in 10 years and how we get from that level of tech to people throwing switches with blinking lights. Should be entertaining to see how they establish that.
  • Kurtzman is that you?
  • The timespan between TOS and TNG was what, 70 years? And how much time between ENT and TOS, around the same amount? I can see style and technology changing in that amount of time opposed to say the 10 year gap between DSC and TOS. If DSC was set 30 or 50 years after TNG I think the aesthetics would be more understandable.…
  • I would like some of the in game hairstyles available only to NPCs start filtering out to the players. There's a really great Andorian style for males on an NPC on the Babel mission for the AOY faction. The new Klingon styles that in the new episodes. It baffles me there are already created pieces that we don't have access…
  • Actually I did a reinstall and it still won't get past the update launcher.
  • Thank you again for taking the time to help us tech challenged folks out!
  • Thanks for your reply! I have an HP laptop
  • I believe i have DirectX 12 (just bought this computer) but according to STO display option screen it says I only have 9? Where do I go from here lol.
  • My main toon is from an alternate universe very much like the current STO universe with some minor variances. He remembers dealing with a Terran warlord by the name of O'Brien, crossing paths with Gul Dukat's progeny and swears that a certain Deltan Admiral on Starbase 39 is an Undine infiltrator. Through some timey whimey…
  • I believe the show was called Defiance. The show was cancelled, but I think the game is still around.
  • I get that Cryptic is a business and they have to make money. They're not working for free. It's just some of the decisions lately. The MACO and TWOK costumes in the dil store at what I consider crazy prices. The Kelvin ships in the lockboxes and now the Connie in the R&D pack. I was never one to complain, but this is a…