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  • Posting about this here at the request of GM Somnolence. I have recently had this problem occur on a Romulan character. I reached level 11, I was given the mission to go see Centurion Velaar on New Romulus, and reported to her as required. The system gave me the mission completed type message, however it has not given me…
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for the advice. It is much appreciated. :smile: I figured out how to get in contact now though, so this can be locked or removed at a mods discretion. The email they give on the Paypal billing agreement doesn't work though, so I do believe that describing it as incorrect is quite…
  • (flame/troll post removed) - darkbladejk
  • Just want to add my opinion that this both sucks and blows. I just signed in to the website, logged in through the account guard thing using the code they send via email as confirmation, and still got my purchases as account bound for 7 days. It's a good idea in principal, but as usual, they end up punishing genuine…
  • Dear Cryptic, please get some new hamsters to run on the tread-wheels, clearly the current ones can't keep up any longer... The serious bit though: getting the same error as others, associated with the login server. Region: UK ISP: iDNET Using the standalone launcher.
  • So for the last few patch days, and maybe before, and I've just not paid proper attention, it seems that whoever posts the notifications doesn't seem to pay proper attention to time zones. The launcher says 15:00 to 17:30 UTC but the game went down at 14:00 UTC Or perhaps…
  • After seeing another thread: I now have the problem solved. To quote myself from that one:
  • I had 108 spaces free in the main inventory, and it was giving me issues. After clearing the overflow bag, things now work again.
  • So having had the first email bits from this, I find there's something important missing in them... They need an unsubscribe link.
  • Thank you for the clarification on that. :) I'll admit that I'm still pretty much in the 'meh, whatever' camp when it comes to all things Disco, but it's kind of fun to just click through on random quizzes, so long as it's not going to lead to spam. Keeping with the spirit of the thread though...
  • Completely agree with this. Especially since the 'promotion' is run through a third party. Do they have access to the address, how are they going to use it, who do they share it with... I've never been a fan of spam, but it seems like this could be a way to be bombarded with it.
  • Running along the edges of the track so that you're on the snow instead of the ice gives you better traction, if you want to do the turning without jumps. Try to minimise your time on the ice itself. Just don't go too far off the edge though, or you face the risk of getting disqualified.
  • First time I've created a new character in a while, so I never noticed these types of things missing until now, but I too have noticed the fact that various things seem to be missing/not listed. The Future Flyer Hoverboard The Type 7 Shuttle The Solanae Tribble Are all missing. Then there's one of the ships that was a…
  • Or in other words, you want to force us to play your new inferior system... Got it. Thanks for nothing.
  • Yes, it is obvious from the original blog post that it is optional, but they also ask for feedback. When they ask for feedback, surely that means they want people to give an honest opinion of what is being proposed? For myself, the choice of joining a random space queue for extra rewards is desirable, the chance of joining…
  • Why?! Bad enough that some ground stuff can't be skipped when going through the story lines *looks at the grave-robbing kobali scumbags*, but to force us to play queues that we don't like, if we want to take part in your new queue system... Why not just tell us we have a choice of **** sandwich with or without the bread?…
  • I was able to play through and get completion of it since the patch / restart. :)
  • Yeah, I see it's on the patch notes, so we'll be able to complete it it after the restart. :) Makes me want to sing like a red headed orphan girl... ;) The bug will fixed Tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow It will be gone... Or at least we can hope that's the case. :)
  • I'll add my name to this list too... Exact same problem as described by the others above. Fed alien.