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  • The way people zip around in PvP you're going to have a hard time keeping cannon fire on the faster ships. DBB will help you keep damage on target without sacrificing *too much* raw damage.
  • Yes, web mines are for the big targets. Clusters and phasics for everything else. You will of course do more dps (1k...pfft) without the web mines because you are applying less damage, but against several targets. Using the webs on big targets (and basically one-shotting them) ends the mission much faster though, because…
  • I'd rather just let the Voth have the damn sphere.
  • I am also experiencing this. Please fix!
  • It is true. That extra LtC spot gives more flexibility than it appears, and done right, will put more actual applied dps on a target than the 4th Tac console.
  • Agreed on all counts.
  • The hard counter to the fluidic rifts is to just shut down your engines and BFAW everything. That's the only thing I can do. Evasive Maneuvers does nothing for me.
  • This again. Stealth "Fed Battlecloak" thread fails. 2/10
  • You haven't lived until you've busted out Brazilian jiu jitsu on a T'Rex in the voth battlezone.
  • I'm just tired of playing beam turret in space every time one of these pops up, which means I am playing a lot of beam turret. Even evasive maneuvers doesn't pull my space pig out of them. I quit Viscous Cycle entirely because of these. Things seem a bit more reasonable in the space battlezone.
  • No, it is bad game design. Arbitrarily limit up and down movement, then require up and down movement to complete objectives? ...and no, we don't need to live with it. We can just choose not to play it. Judging by the queue numbers, there are a lot of people choosing to not play it.
  • I use the KHG 3-piece in PvP for the Mask ability. It provides a nice defense bonus to help keep me alive until I can escape. :)
  • Sorry I meant GW1. On mobile, and the two letters are near to eachother. Also I don't see that I mentioned beam overload anywhere... Don't worry about drawing aggro from SV and TS. Moat of what you hit won't last long enough for it to matter. The problem with CRF is that you can only really be effective against one target…
  • I'm absolutely done with Viscous Cycle. The positioning of the towers and the maw, added to the undine goo Grav wells basically lock you out of using cannon-equipped ships. Even in beam boats, just today I got goo welled over a tower in perfect position to block my line of sight on the maw. Then when the goo dispersed,…
  • You will place better with dual Grav wells than you will with APO3. I know because I ran APO3 for a long time, with a b'rel decked out with the best gear dilithium and fleet marks can buy. The rankings heavily weigh sci skills into account. Every time you use Grav well you receive a "bonus" towards your final ranking.
  • For PvE you are going to get a lot more done with Scatter Volley than you will with Rapid Fire. I would loadout my commander slot with a tactical BOff like so: TT1, APB1, TS3, CSV3 You can then use one of the LtC's for sci, and get GW1 which is hugely useful in PvE. The remaining LtC and Lt can be Eng to set up an aux2bat…
  • You may want to check that those mine consoles are doing anything for the web mines. Last I checked they didn't affect them.
  • APO is your best value because you get multiple benefits from it, expanding the situations where you can use it. EPtS should absolutely be dumped. If you absolutely have to have a shield heal, go with Tac team plus RSP1. Tac team until you're out of shields, then RSP. You only need to buy 20 seconds, and those two will…
  • Web mines will engage multiple targets. I tend to hold on to them for bigger targets though as they are more of a home run hitter weapon. Hence all of the times I have seen them snare multiple targets, was by accident while trying to get something else.
  • Jam Sensors is fantastic in PvP with the B'rel. In PVE it is basically useless.
  • Omega shearing only takes 40% of damage that actually hits the hull, so don't use quantums or tricos. Transphasic is brutal with Omega shearing. Bear in mind though, I only PvP in my b'rel, so I have no idea how good it is in PVE. Also, if you don't slap the nukara web mines on your B'rel, you're frickin' nuts. Their…
  • Torp DPS won't do it alone if you want to place in missions like Crystalline, at least with a transphasic setup. But if you set it up for Sci with double Grav wells, you can do very well due to the bonus points sci abilities get you. That said, the B'rel can be a very fun PVE boat. You'll have issues with torps getting…
  • Spot on analysis. Proud to be a BoP pilot from the beginning. :)
  • Oddy is a good ship as it is. Maybe buff the Aquarius. Does anybody ever get the feeling that when people ask for certain features to be added to their ships, that maybe these people should switch to another ship that is built for their desired playstyle?
  • You're going to spend so much time decloaked that you might as well run a standard BoP setup with either of these. Unless you're doing PVE.
  • I'd be fine with no decloak buff if they didn't decloak you for three seconds to fire. As they run now, these ships should get the decloak bonus.
  • Apologies for not knowing this, but how do you keep your aux power high enough to get aux2sif working well while running A2B? Won't your aux levels be pretty low most of the time?
  • If you are getting more damage out of transphasic mines than the nukara web mines, something is seriously wrong. Maxed aux + buffs and pattern 3 will oneshot a tac cube with nukara mines. I slot nukara and transphasics in my rear slots, and the transphasics are basically and afterthought compared to the web mines.
  • Well shoot, maybe the Defiant shouldn't have ANY cloak? ;)